Saturday, February 5, 2011

New monthly Mega at IVYSCRAPS

Hey, just got the new Mega at IvyScraps and a couple of announcements.

The kit is called Sweet Smooches . It has really nice colors, but still leans towards Valentines. As soon as I'm done playing with it, I'll show you what it can do :-) but for now, you'll have to either be happy with the previews, or go see for yourself LOL 
(trust me seeing for yourself is WAY more fun!)

The kit is made by 5 designers, and has 70 elements, 40 papers and an Upper Case Alpha with numbers.
(I saw some journaling papers and some WordArt too!)

I'm making the QP for this months Bingo Game for the winner, so I can't show it to you here but as soon as I have the regular pages done, they'll show up here. I promise!
Bingo as I understand it:
                There's a list of words.
                You pick 25 and call it your bingo-card.
                You email the card to the moderator
               On the 10 the calling starts.

You really should be thankful that I have to make the prize, and not the cards!  I have never played Bingo in my life, so this is as far as I get with explaining. (Actually, I copied it from the very first Bingo challenge LOL) but I'm assuming, if you  have played bingo before, this doesn't sound like a foreign language to you.....

Hands have been killing me this week, but they're not tooo terribly bad right now (only took me an hour to finish this post :-) .....), so I'm going to try and get some scrapping done, so..... talk later :-)

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