Thursday, May 21, 2015

I hope you didn't give up on me...............

I had no idea it had been this long since I visited with you!

Quick update is in order, I think :-)
- I haven't taken my exam yet. The site is still experiencing difficulties. There's a drawback and an upside to that.............. The upside:  I can keep studying...... The drawback:  I want to move on, but at the same time, I'm a little worried, that if I start looking into things more in depth than what is covered in the test, I will get confused at testing time and "think too much" LOL.
- I am now the proud owner of (yet) another drivers license.  Since our car is registered on base, I had to take my base drivingtest as well, so now, I am pretty much covered for who ever wants to see my drivers credentials: Iowa, Nato, Dutch and Base................. I'm going to have to ask for a bigger wallet!  I'm not the only one though. Since there are a couple of countries that don't like the Nato license and others that don't like the American one, Mike will have to get his Dutch licence as well. He's not looking forward to it. He keeps complaining that his wallet is poking holes in his pants pocket and there is no more room in it for more crap..... :-)
- The Point In Time challenge has been posted at The Studio, on time
- The EU VAT thing is sorted on several sites, and I can shop again. I now can also get back to my CT duties over at DigiDesignResort, if they'll still have me. But to be honest, I've been so busy studying, I have missed the scrapping, but I wouldn't have had much time for it, so  maybe it is time to re-evaluate some things.
- My 6 month cancercheck is over and done with, and I'm all good!! :-) it is so weird. I know I'm healthy, I now have as much chance to get it again, as someone who gets it for the first time and I still go in a flying panic every 6 months, just because that appointment is coming up........... If anybody knows of a way to turn that little bit of craziness off................. I'd be grateful. I HAVE noticed though, that as long as I keep so busy that I forget which day it is... the worry starts a lot closer to the appointment date. LOL.   There's a thought :-)

As I said, I haven't scrapped much. We haven't gone anywhere, and I even haven't been to the zoo. I have severely neglected my friends and family as well, so that will all be taken up in the re-evaluation plan. Mike is off tomorrow, and he said he would take Perky for his daily walks, and I will spend some quality time on the couch, thinking, planning and eeeevalu-atin'. Somewhere, I have notes on a seminar I took about 20 years ago, on time management, and I think I will revisit that as well. LOL.  I guess if your TO DO list only works if you increase the week to 8 days of 32 hours, and downgrade sleepingtime to 3 hours a night..... it's time for a sit down and prioritizing session.

Well, I'm not sure where this mood came from, but I will excuse myself and sit in a corner until it passes, so I don't bug you with it anylonger. LOL. Sorry it has been so long since I visited, and I hope I can improve on the times between posts within a reasonable timeframe.
Hopefully this found you all in good health and spirits, and we'll visit again soon. Don't forget to hug a loved one!?


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  1. Parts of this rant made me laugh, especially the bit about the various driving licences.
    I´m glad your latest screen was negative but I know exactly how you feel beforehand though I´ve no idea how to deal with the dread you feel prior to the appointment. If you ever find a way to cope without the agony of wild imaginings just let me know. I´ve had several health scares recently, all of which have practically turned me into a gibbering idiot and they all turned out to be just that, namely scares ie false alarms. I have one appointment pending and I keep hoping I won´t drop down dead before it.
    See what I mean?
    Dora and I are off to Domburg soon so I´m glad that dreaded examination will be over and done before we leave.
    Almost forgot...gardening while listening to a Ruth Rendell thriller on my iPod goes some way to relieving the worst symptoms of my particular hypochondria.