Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Hi all,

I know, I've been telling you a lot about the castle, but today, I could use a little help.

Our national tourist board, ANWB is holding a poll as to the most "maatschappelijk uitje" project. Translated, this means the project that brings the most to the community, be it historical/fun/tourists etc.  The prize will be a year long advertising on their website. This is HUGE! We would be able to use part of the budget we have slated for advertising, and put it towards the building!  Plus there will be some advertising done in their stores, and I counted 76 stores on their website this morning..... THAT is a lot of exposure!!!

I want to ask, if you would look at the Castle site
Than look at the ANWB site

I hope you vote for us, of course, but if you see something that you think better suited... Lets just say, vote with your heart :-) 

Well, I hope this found you in good health and spirit.... It's been raining here for near a week, so the days are a bit grey here, but the spirits keep being lifted by a fuzzy but on my lap, as soon as the other end of me hits the couch LOL!  

Don't forget to hug a loved one, stay warm, or cool depending what part of this marble you're on, and I will sit down and talk to you soon. PROMISE! 


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