Monday, May 2, 2016

One down..........

at least one to go!

Handed in my exam project in Saturday, with 12 hours to spare. LOL.
I did not think I would make it.... I had coded, built and double checked the website to be turned in, changed one little thing....... and broke it!
I tried frantically on Friday night to figure out what I had done and how to fix it, when finally at 2AM I figured.... F-this and I started over. I STILL have not figured out what happened but I got it mended. I cursory checked for typos, completely blew past the grammar, because my Dutch is not really great on a good day, and it gets worse as stress sets in, so I had NO illusion that I would even recognize it if  it was completely backwards. LOL. Blissfully, content is not judged, coding and functionality are, and I think I'm good there.... I won't know for another 6 weeks.

Meanwhile, I went to the castle yesterday.... It was GOOD to be home -) A couple of ours, and lots of new things to discover. The building crew has been busy this last month. Access to the cellar is complete, the garden is all but planted, the water tortoises have awakened from their winter rest and we have goslings....... 3, out of 5 nests with 3 to 5 eggs each. I was told that the nests were checked, and all but the eggs that hatched (nest is under the bridge, surrounded by water) were opened up and emptied. So we're thinking fox, weasel or badger maybe...

And this morning, reality hit, as I started on the second leg of this re-schooling journey, 8 chapters  totalling 263 pages, with 4 exercises each plus 6 extra exercises and 10 days to get them done in.....
Can you say "allnighters"?   I had purposely NOT looked at the books, the lessons or anything related to the second half of the course, because I knew it would take my focus away from the exam, so I sat down this morning to do the planning until next trip to Utrecht. Did I tell you that instead of going to school closer to home, as signed up for,  I'm actually 20 minutes farther away? Only 3.5 hour by train, but still "reasonably accessible by public transport, according to the school...  I must be unreasonable, but I'm taking the car, and be there in 2 hours, thank you very much :-)

Well, break is over, time to get back to work. Just wanted to sit and chat for a bit. Seems like I've neglected everybody these past couple of months, and I think I will for the next few, as well.... So, think of me, bent over the computer, with a HUGE cup of coffee in my hand,  freaked out beyond reason (but enjoying the crap out of it at the same time) for the next 9 weeks, while you enjoy being outside, in nice weather, visiting. Don't feel too sorry for me though! I get to "go out" to the castle on most Sundays and have the prospect of making a living soon...

Don't forget to hug a loved one!

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