Tuesday, December 20, 2016

YEEHA! It worked!

The castle officially has a falconer!

You may remember that I was working on getting a falconer for the open days in September? Well, my favorite one contacted me right before winter close to see if we were still having a Christmas market this year, and if he could come up with a couple of birds and test the waters for workshops at our castle..... I sadly had to tell him that we weren't going to have one this year, but we would love the workshops. So he came by the castle, we talked, and walked the grounds. The minute he hit the gate, I could see his mind starting to work and the more we talked and walked the grounds, the more engaged he became. We set up a meeting with the big boss, and he was on board as well. So "all" that was left to do, was figuring out the details. I made a list of possible questions we could get asked, questions that needed answers before we even started, and possible thoughts on what else we could do, and set another meeting, and another. I arranged for our resident photographer to come and take pictures of the falconer, on site, with some birds, because I couldn't really get the extractions the way I wanted them. Somehow they kept looking "put together".

Last Tuesday, the falconer came by, with a couple of birds to figure out the best place to do the show from. By the way, did I tell you that he's giving two shows on December 28th?  Sorry :-)
We were having a conversation about the glove he uses, and how to train the birds to come and go and he puts the glove on my arm.... I didn't really think about it, figured it was part of the conversation, to show what it feels like, but imagine my confusion when I was halfway thru that thought and I had a Harris hawk about 5 inches off my face and on my arm.... It was unreal, and SO so awesome! He flew back and forth a couple of times, and I was surprised how light he was on landing and take-off, for such a big bird. I know their bones are hollow, but you would figure they'd way atleast a little bit more than nothing.....  Later on,  I also got to hold a Horned Owl.  No matter what the rest of the day would have brought..... I had a great day! (and pictures..... LOL)

Wim (with Steppe Eagle) and Paul in the courtyard

Wim and Grey Eagle Buzzard on our castle wall-walkaround

Wim picked up his Blue Eagle 22 years ago from Chili..... 

Some lady with a Harris Hawk
Our photographer photographed with a Horned Owl

I'm not sure yet how to pull it off, but I'm going to try and sign up for one of his workshops.... Maybe I can talk Mike into doing it together for our anniversary :-)

In closing, I want to wish you a very merry Christmas, and the best year yet for 2017!

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