Friday, August 13, 2010

Random observation.....

Still having "chemo-brain" I sometimes second guess myself.... 
Yesterday, I went for my 4th cup of coffee, and realized I had to brew a fresh pot. I was wondering if I had forgotten the other 5 trips, because our coffee maker makes at least 8 mugs......?

It all fell into place, once I realized which cup I'd been using!

Sometimes, it's just funny, not having a functional brain.


  1. hi pauli! just love your blogpost, hehe! i hope you are doing well and how awesome to see the our blinkie on your blog. holding thumbs!

  2. Hey Pauli - thanks for displaying our blinkie! We are doing a weekly RAK, so keep it blinking and you could be a winner. I love your post too - my cup is HUGE, so it would probably only make 2 cups for me :)