Thursday, June 2, 2011

And..... I'm back!!!

Well, almost.....
I DO apologize for being awol, but it couldn't be helped. You see, we moved. Not just to a different town, but across an ocean. And we just got word that our stuff will be delivered .... in about 3 weeks. SO..... although I probably won't be able to work on this one at all, I decided to make the point in time challenge I host over at The Studio this month:


You know that I have been sick, and off work, and while looking for a job after he got laid off, Mike decided to bring me home, and started looking in Holland. My only wish would have been that we could have done it StarTrek style... As in "Beam me up, Scotty!"   LOL

Mike is happily working with the Military again, our stuff is on it's way, kind of, and I'm feeling better than I have in a long time. So.... life is grand!
However, as my grandmother used to say... "If I don't do anything, I can do everything." I know! It loses A LOT in translation, but basically, it means, that I feel awesome, untill I start doing things.... that's going to be a BIG deal in finding a job. And finding a job, I must do, because Mike gets paid in Dollars but the bills get paid in Euro's..... OUCH! (And for civilians, there's no off base housing or living expenses comp, like he used to get when Mike was in the service, many, many moons ago.)

You know, they say that you can never go home again? Well, yes and no. After 23 years, soooooo much has changed, and at the same time... I hear the same music as when I left LOL! But all kidding aside. I think it has been harder to come home, than it was to move to The States!
I thought it would be the lack of personal space, (15 million people in the space of Delaware) but it's not, really. When we first got here, and I was all gushy about being home, a friend told me... talk to me after the honeymoon, and I shrugged it off. How could this NOT be good? Well, there's a language barrier, multiplied by my lack of brain/memory, and sooooooo many rules, regulations and downright silly things that what little brain I have that's in working order, is on overload! And than, there's the town we live in.... but that's for another post :-)

Don't laugh about the language barrier! I thought I hadn't lost "that" much Dutch.... well, people I only say Hi to, start talking English! How's that?! I find myself thoroughly sucking at both Dutch AND English these days. I dream in English,  think in English, write all my lists etc in English, as well as talk English at home, but everything I have to read, fill out and call around on, is in Dutch............ Combine that with chemo-brain............. and you know exactly how much fun I have in an average day LOL.

Can't wait to get our computers and books though, and the odd change of clothes. (Do you realize we've been waring the same 5 sets of clothes for 6 weeks!? LOL) On that note, I'm beginning to wonder what we could have left, and what we should have packed, that we didn't!? Oh well, water under the bridge, ship has sailed.... we'll see!

Just thought I'd share the good news, and now, it's time to finish dusting. I swear, Perky looses a cat a day on  fur, and it all ends up under the coffee table!  YEP!, we brought the furball! There was never any doubt, and it turned out, it was easier to bring him, than anything else, including us! LOL.  I'll keep that for another post too. I'm not going to be very talkative until our stuff is here, and the computers set up, but I'll try and keep you updated, but I have a couple of things I want to share before I go....

Go check out Flights of Fancy! They have been busy while I wasn't looking!! There's a bunch of new kits in the store, and I spotted a new designer and a couple of freebies too.......
Can't wait to do the NewsLetter again!   Man-O-Man, I'm having severe withdrawl!!!

Don't forget to stop by IvyScraps for their new mega. It's delicious! Have a taste... uhm, look

Of course, I don't get to play with it, yet, but doesn't it look great?
I started a family cookbook to share with my sisters and their families, and looking at this kit... it gives me hope that I may have an extra special Christmas gift to give this year!!!

Time to go!


  1. Welcome home!
    I can relate to both the language difficulties and the culture shock. That´s exactly how I feel every year when I go back to Scotland for a visit. Actually you could just forget your own native language and keep talking English. I´ve always found the Dutch remarkably good at English especially if they want to sell you something! In your case that may well be clothes.
    Hope you all – including the kitty – settle in soon. I´m sure you´ll feel more at home once your baggage arrives. You did remember to bring the cat´s food bowl with you I hope or that´ll be one less “person” who´ll be talking to you in any language...

  2. LOL, the cat-bowl came with us when the kitty did! (as did his bed, brush, food and special treats)
    The only piece of luggage he's missing, is his "mondo" scratching-post, but my niece bought him a new one and set it up for him the first day he was in his new home.....