Sunday, June 19, 2011


Don't tell Mike that I'm here? As far as he knows, I'm unpacking boxes! LOL

YUP! We got our stuff! Of course I had to make sure my baby's came over in one piece, so I set up the computers in a corner of the living room, surrounded by boxes and a frenzied cat. He's in heaven, and he SOOOOO wants to go to sleep, but there's boxes all over in various heights, and although it makes my head spin in anticipation of seeing what made it vs where to put it now that it's finally here.... it must look like a jungle gym to our little fuzzie family member. He is all over the place, and he literally is so tired, that he falls down, and takes a nap for a couple of minutes, and than he's exploring again. I know he's actually asleep, since I can hear him snore! LOL.  He is usually pretty smart, (he undoes the deadbolt)  but I think he's got impression overload, and consequently a bout of  "the stupids" as he got stuck in a box three times, and between boxes once since friday...... and last night he woke both of us out of a dead sleep when he dislodged a box that made quite a thump when it hit the floor LOL. Oh well, getting up at 4 instead of 6 is not so bad.... and I can nap later if need be. I feel for Mike though. He had to go to work today till 6.

Haven't hooked up my tera-drives yet, just wanted to make sure the computer was as smart as they told me it would be, and switched itself to 220V..... It did. Way to go MAC!!  Our laptop doesn't like being here, and is consistently shutting down before I can do anything, but now that we have our real computer, I can take the laptop for a check up..... and I hope to be able to sit down, catch up on the websites and do some serious scrapping by Friday!!!

I'm  looking around the house, as I'm having my "fun break" and honestly... I don't know where to start. My sister loaned us a lot of things, some she wants back, some not, and I don't remember which is what, so I have to keep it all out, but I have our stuff to put away....... It's a good problem to have, I'm not complaining, just a little overwhelmed. We had the most room in the living room..... so that's where all the boxes ended up. Mike moved a couple, but if we fill every room, we won't be able to put the things away, so he stopped doing that..... He may be off tomorrow, but they're having a lot of people out, so that may change by the time he gets home tonight..... At the same time,  I'm not sure, having 2 people rummaging thru boxes, pulling out stuff, and trying to find a spot for it, is going to be an improvement either..... LOL. I had this plan, I would empty my sisters' stuff out of the cabinets, and put ours in, as I unpacked, washed and dried it..... but I can't seem to get it to work? Anybody have any ideas?

Well, either way, break is over, so wish me luck, and for all the dads out there.. Have a great Fathers' Day!!

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  1. I know exactly how you feel. We´ve moved so often I´ve had just about enough of unpacking boxes and after the last move I swore my next one would be into a wooden box. As they say in Germany “The last shirt has no pockets” so I wouldn´t need to unpack them either...
    Sorry I can´t offer you much advice but I´ve always found that after you´ve unpacked all the immediate essentials, rather than trying to unpack stuff for every room all at once it´s far easier to do the unpacking for one room at a time. Of course I´m assuming – maybe wrongly – that you´ve actually labelled all your boxes and that you´ve got kitchen items separate from living room stuff. Also, do it just a little at a time with lots of breaks in between otherwise you´ll just end up cranky and exhausted and you´ll probably break that priceless Ming vase before you get it into the china cabinet.
    Above all, try not to throw out any empty box which might actually contain a sleeping cat.