Monday, February 13, 2012

WHOOHOO........GIANTS !!!!!!!

YES! We taped the Super Bowl sunday night, avoided news and internet as well as base, just in case somebody let the results slip. We were halfway to base to work out Monday morning when Mike all of a sudden said.... I'm not going! That odd statement came out of nowhere and it had me temporarily speechless. Believe me, that does NOT happen often :-)
He remembered that they have tv's all over the work out areas, and they were bound to either SHOW the game, or have the scores on one of the news casts... so we stopped in the next town and walked in the woods for an hour, went home, did chores,  baked Pizza, and sat and watched the Super Bowl.... Total bliss!

He was sooooo happy! I don't think he stopped smiling for 3 days. LOL
The downside is that it's going to be 6 months before college football starts, but it's already marked on the calender, as well as pre-season and regular season.  I can be happy for him, because he wasn't playing my Bills. But, given their record the last couple of years..... I won't have to worry about that happening any time soon :-) but I have to believe in my team. They'll get there! (I hope)

I ordered a surprise for him.... A championship T-shirt.  Check it out:

Can't wait to see his face when he gets the mail and 
what better gift could I possibly get him for our aniversary ? LOL
These pictures I got from the Giants Online Shop.
I picked this one, because it won't remind me of his team beating mine....

It has been quite weird these last couple of weeks. My grandma would say that "I lost my house" since Mike has been off work. There's no schedule to speak of, the chores get done very haphazardly, we're both bored out of our minds, but have no energy to go do something, and than there's the weather the last month or so... It turned from just being grey, to a helluva winter over night. Haven't seen Zero degrees for 3 weeks, have had freezing fog, regular fog, snow, ice and  constant winds that cut thru everything you can possible wear together. We look like Michelin men when we do go outside. (Let me illustrate how cold it has been... the clock in the car freezes and won't run until we've been driving for half hour!)
The funny thing is, that the temperatures aren't half as bad as the ones we had in Iowa, but somehow the cold chills to the bone here... Must be the proximity to the water...... Oh well.... In 4 weeks the Keukenhof opens, and that is THE sign that spring is coming LOL. Hopefully we get to go earlier this year...... But anytime is good, really. I LOVE that place!

Now I have a couple of announcements from "my" scrapsites:

StarSongStudio has a new kit out, and one coming up. Go check them out on her blog, and from there to her stores -)

A Moment in Time.... Released today at:

Tangerine Dreams will be released on the 26th over at 

The IVY Mega is out, and on sale this month. It has my favorite colors AND my favorite subject....
Purple and pets LOL
I did the bingo page this month, but I can't show it to you. If you want to know what it is... you'll have to play :-)
Here are my lay-outs: I'm especially fond of the one with the bears. Of all the things we had to leave behind these little guys were the hardest. Every one of them had it's own story on how it became part of the "family"


I have no picture yet of what I call "the swimming pool", but I used the pictures she sent me  when she just started.....The greenery inside the fishbowl is extracted from one of her pictures, and not part of the kit.

This is one of the pages I made for the Template Challenge at Ivy with "Mums the word"  by Lizard Dau Designs.

I'm still trying to find the picture for the other page.....
It's just perfect, if I could only get my hands on it! LOL

This page I made for the Color Challenge
There's still time to play. The kit is absolutely gorgeous, or you can make a little kit from the colorswatch.... your choice :-)

I just know there was something else I wanted to tell you, but I'm drawing a blank. Not really very surprising, seeing that last time I saw my bed was Saturday morning........ Oh well. It will come to me, I'm sure, and I'll let you know when/if it does LOL.

Go check out the sites, leave some love, download a freebie or two and above all..... 
Don't forget to hug a loved one!

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