Monday, February 4, 2013

I TOLD you......

I forgot tons of things! LOL

Boo has a new series of kits out. If you want them all, you'll have a year to collect them :-)

This quote is just perfect. The pictures are the last ones I have of my sisters pup.
I thought the word art fits the early picture, the older picture and the picture of how
the picture came to be. I had found the old picture my sister had sent me and we tried as good
as it would go, to recreate it. The kids are a lot taller, so they didn't quite fit beside the kitchen cabinet anymore, but
on a whole, the picture came out very cool.

Every month, Boo will have a new kit, over at The Studio.(with a challenge attached) At the end of the year, you'll have every month, date, weekday and year to keep you scrapping for years to come, This is great if you make a series of albums, covering several years because they can all have the same base elements, but you can also use the kits to highlight a couple of things per year, in between your regular pictures. However you want to save your memories.... You'll use the kits over and over.

January 2013 kit used for these 2 lay-outs.....

Sweet Caress:
Our old neighbor from Hiawatha just had her babyboy... a month early.
He has a good name. LOL

I'm now officially the Bingo Page Maker for IvyScraps! WHOOHOO. I absolutely LOVE to make these. Too bad that only one person can use them. And a lot of times, I don't even know who won, because the pages usually don't get posted in the gallery. So I sometimes wonder if the person would have rather gotten something else, but in general... I enjoy thinking how somebody might want to use the page, and it helps me make pages other than "mine". I'm glad I get to do it. 
I haven't seen the February mini pixels yet, so I cannot tell you about them yet. As soon as I know.... you'll see them here. However, I CAN show the pages for january..... if I can find them.

You see..... I tried to clean off the computer, so we could figure out why Mike can't play The Sims anymore, and I got a little carried away. (nothing new there, right? LOL) I was on a roll, and missed a couple of times where I dropped things, so if I need something, it may be easy and right where it should be, or it may turn into a full scale man-hunt. 

On the upside.... The sims is installed and playable without any problem. Mike hadn't been able to play the game since sometime last summer and was displaying serious signs of withdrawel. I kept finding pieces of paper scribbled full of room dimensions, roof pitches, garden designs and complete house-plans everywhere! LOL.

Haven't found the pages yet, but wanted to finish this post. I will look a little better/faster/more organized after I'm done with this.... :-)

ANN has a new store over at CU Digitals. It only houses Commercial Use products, and I'm almost sorry I'm not a web-designer, so I can use some of it! I went and looked at the store and found lots of things I had no idea she had made.... That included Tattered Books. The bookworm that I am just had to let her know how much I liked them, and before I knew what was going on, I found the download links in my mailbox. I was floored. As a CT, you already receive so many gifts, and to just get one sent your way with no other thought than for you to enjoy.... is very special. The books also gave shape to an idea I have been fooling around with for a while. I want to build another Family website. Just not sure how to go about that yet because of the massive amount of information I want to put on it, but I played with Anns kits yesterday, and came up with a pretty neat looking first page.....  (no, I didn't break an arm, patting myself on the back. I just really like the way it came out. LOL)

The header and title of the site. If I can find a way to "slide it over" the body, that would be soooooo cool!
the body
Haven't figured out how to do the other pages yet, but given the amount of information that needs to go on them, they will stay pretty simple. Just couldn't help showing you the initial thought.....  At first I thought about using it as blog-wear, but I haven't found a blogging site that will allow me to put my own things up, hence the family website. The blog will get there, with the same title, to hold my thoughts, such as they are, on the research and finds of information, and hopefully people, just not with this lay-out. As far as the website goes..... The last count, if I put the pages in the site I would really like to put in, was 150. If I condensed them by say families and historical, I came out at 68, but the pages would be so awful long that I don't think anybody would ever make it to more than halfway down........ I think I may just have to start, and see what happens.

Ann also has a new kit out. Passionata. I have it, just haven't played with it yet. As soon as I do, you'll find the results, right here :-)

Wel, Mike will be off tomorrow, and I promised I would have a doable to do list ready, so I better get to "sorting chores" into bite size pieces...... One of them will be to have a sit-down breakfast instead of a hit and run bite, to celebrate our 24th aniversary :-)

Have a great day, and don't forget to hug that loved one :-)

PS: I started this Sunday, and forgot to post it...... You rush, and that's when dumb things happen :-), so we just got done with breakfast, and Mike has been playing The Sims since 5AM............... The boy is bound and determined to catch up on his play time I think.


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  1. You´re pages are so pretty, I´m glad that they´ll be getting a wider audience now.

    As for me, I haven´t felt much like designing anything recently but I´ll feel a lot better once I can sit for more than 5 minutes without collapsing over the keyboard! So glad that the long wait is over and I´ll soon be in the clinic.