Saturday, March 16, 2013

It's been a while.....

not intentionally, just the usual thing. Time got away from me again.

Nothing big happened, We both had some kind of bug and it snowed!!! ACTUAL WHITE STUFF, and it stuck around! Big flakes, 3 days in a row! For a total of probably 5 inches...... Not Iowa snow, but snow none the less. LOL
It's really weird how it works here. You wake up to falling snow, it warms up late afternoon most times and it's all gone. Go to sleep and repeat. I don't care. I love it! Went over to the place I have been trying to get a 4-season picture of the same spot. I have 3 but I'm not sure I'm going to be able to get the final season. There are going to rebuild the castle and farm ruins. The crane was sitting on the property right before the last snowfall, as were the containers. As far as I can figure from the website, the castle and farm will be rebuilt with the tools and materials of the original (1752-ish) which I think, is AWESOME! however, it kinda puts a kink in my project :-) According to the plans, they'll start on the bridge to the farm, so maybe I have a chance to take the last picture of the series in the spring... If it gets here :-)

If you have any interest in history, go here. If you want more information, in english, I'll be happy to translate some, or all, of it. Just let me know:-)

The page designs is from Boo's 365 album. I know the page is completely "not done" but you have to start somewhere, right? LOL

Castle ruins SCHAESBERG in Landgraaf. Just a little down the road from us.
I'm sure once the rebuilding starts, there's not a whole lot of peace and quiet to be had out there, but for now......
It's a little bit of heaven for me.

I may have been absent from the blog, but I haven't been sitting on my hands. (unless they were really, really cold)

ANN has 2 new kits out since my last post.

Gilded Theater. ALL ingredients for this page are from the kit

Both were very nice to work with. But I'm running out of pictures! That's the main reason there are no pictures on the Gilded Theater page.  Both are for sale here:

Not sure what happened here, but the link is still pointing to E-Scape and Scrap :-)

Ivy has had the March Mini Pixels out for a bit. BUT, they also have a VERY worthwhile charity kit running this month. Proceeds benefit Autism Awareness

I am very happy to say that when I offered to make some quick-pages with the kits, it was accepted. Taking my cue from Boo, I turned the "couple of quick-pages" into an album, complete with front and back page. I hope you will go check out the kit, knowing it is for a great cause. It is absolutely humongous, and very, very, VERY reasonably priced for the size of it. I think it's a little over half a gigabyte on scrapping things!!!

As a tease/incentive (I hope), I'm putting the front and back here.... For the rest, you'll have to go check out the kit :-)



My pages for the Mini-Pixels are: 

Polarbear cubs
Over at my sisters place there's a zoo. They had cubs in November, and first introduced to the public when it snowed. How fitting :-) They were soooo cute! And we were soooooo cold. LOL 
(My camera stopped working because it was too cold.......)

Butterfly by DBA
rose, carnation by JLW
baby's breath and branches by Mariandale
green leaves and green paper by LDD
WordArt by PBS
paperclip by MDS 
frame by AC scroll by MM
 These pictures are from our first Easter back in holland. 

Page is put together with mixed mini's from March over at IvyScraps
The frames are from MM, merged with paper by LDD
Background paer, branches and baby's breath by Marandale
Postage stamp by MM
pink ribben and white flowerb ranch by AC
Violet by RSC
WordArt by Gloria Valverde greenleaves and dangling tags by LDD

Boo has been Boo... I just can't keep up with that girl! LOL

She has 2 albums out, besides the one that covers all the months in beautiful 2 page spreads. And a lot of kits, I haven't even played with. She also has her new series: One Page Wonders. These kits have a more limited amount of "stuff" than the regular kits, but more than enough to make several pages. And at the price, it is VERY doable to get a couple and mix and match! 

As CT's we are encouraged to mix them up a bit, but it's so nice not to keep track of what came out of which kit, that I haven't done that yet. I DO have, however, some pages made. The caption will have which One Page Wonder you're looking at :-)

One Page Wonder #22

One Page Wonder #25 
One Page Wonder #24

I'm still working on a couple, but figured that I've kept you long enough.
Hopefully, I'll be a little bit more "on the ball" and will keep you updated on "Life in Limburg" more often than every 6 weeks. LOL

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  1. Love all of your pages, I hope you can get the spring photo for your 4 Seasons project... how cool that they are going to rebuild! :)