Tuesday, June 11, 2013

WOW! They can make solar TV's, but the pond pump still needs a plug....

Sorry, that thought has been cruizing thru my head since this morning......

I love hearing water bubble over rocks and would really like to have a small water feature on the balcony, but I have this innate fear of water and electrics being connected to eachother. SO, I've been looking for a pond pump on solar power. God knows, they make everything else wireless, right? I even tried to figure a way to convert a regular pump to solar, but I lack the skills and at that junction, a plug in with a frayed cord would be safer!  No big surprise there, but still....... Can somebody please make one, so I can have my little babbling brook on the balcony!? LOL
I have actually been looking for one since we got our house Reno, in 1993, so I figure, if I have the idea, some inventor must have thought about it a long time ago....... so where are they?  (solar pumps and/or eggheads LOL)

Now that we have that little kink out of my brain............ On to other things.

As usual, running behind on showing you what is new with the designers. Also have NOT posted the Point In Time challenge at The Studio yet, but I'm working on it. I'll post it, as soon as I have the preview done, but for now.....

                  Word is, it's going to be on the first family member, that left the area.

ALSO in The Studio, is Booland Designs kits. A bunch, as usual, but I don't think she's running out of inspiration any time soon!

In order of release for this month:
I swear there was another page somewhere from the air show, but I think my computer ate it....... 

 Working on them :-)

There's a story behind "the happy place"
I've never slept as good as Mike. His head hits the pillow, and he's gone, me... not so much. So I asked him one time what he did if he couldn't sleep. Silly question, but hey, if you're awake for hours on end, fighting the urge to thump him one because he is asleep and you would love some company, your mind comes up with some strange stuff. ROFL.
So, his answer was.... Find a happy place. Picture a place where you want to be, and concentrate on that, keep breathing steadily, and before you know it, you'll be asleep, and you won't have nightmares, because you're happy where you are.  If it hadn't been morning, I probably would have asked if he was sharing whatever he was drinking,  and than, years later, I listened to a meditation clip, and there it was again. (Picture yourself in a courtyard, going up steps, surrounded by all your favorite flowers. Look in the distance, where the spot is that you want to get to, and slowly, make your way there, smelling the flowers and enjoying the views as you move toward it........) Who knew?
I have tried it, and if nothing else, it calms me down to the point that my mind doesn't go in 9000 directions. One of them being "why the heck am I not sleeping" LOL. The place itself has changed over time, and with what is going on in my mind when I want to go there, but I found myself thinking..... THAT is my happy place! the minute I saw this spot.
So now you know ...... My secret place.



Currently only available at ScrapBookBytes

Not that he doesn't sleep pretty much anywhere, but he seems especially relaxed when he find the tiniest spot of sunlight. His absolute favorite is the spot, right in front of the front door. We call it "the kitty charging station".

Completely of the reservation with this one........ But I wanted to share anyway.
I made these pages from the Clay Warrior exhibit with a combination of  Summer Promise (the papers) May Synergy (tag) and CHINA:

There's more pictures, so you haven't seen the last of the kit :-) 
CHINA was part of one of the "buy my store" deals from a couple of years back. I especially liked it because I wanted to scan and scrap, the pictures from Singapore........ That hasn't happened yet, but I was so glad I finally had pictures for the theme. I used it before, but somehow it's almost like it was made for pictures like this. ROFL.

ANN must be reading my mind. The bike show in Essen we went to, was mostly custom bikes, and a couple of them were REALLY well thought out. We had an overall blast, and plan on going again next year. It's already on the calendar! When I saw the Steam powered bike and the fire bike, I could almost see them running in the victorian age....... and when we got home, I found an email with this kit.

The funny part is, I was fudging around with just the kit, (This was one of those pages that I had the page figured, but not the final pictures yet) when Mike walks by. Normally he doesn't pay a whole lot of attention but he stopped, leaned over, and told me to use that kit for his life book. I kind of already was thinking that direction, but wasn't sure about the pink part. It didn't seem to bother him one bit, so.... It's in the folder with his things :-) 
There is this thing we do. One will think of something, without telling the other, and sure fire, the other will come up with it within a day or so. This time, it worked almost instantly. He put my coffee cup on the table, and said that the page reminded him of the steam bike we saw........ Needless to say, that's the picture I used. I'm not done with the kit by a long shot yet, so you'll see it again. 
Not sure if we have been together so long we communicate on a different level, or - and this is my favorite explanation - great minds think alike, but it's uncanny how we end up in the same place...... We have a different way to get there, but still, it's spooky LOL.


You've not seen the last of this kit either, but I need to go take new pictures.........

I WILL get in trouble one of these days, but I added some things to my list. I also started pushing a little more than I probably should, but I'm so tired of not doing things..... So, IF I'm awol for a while, I'm probably sleeping off one or more dumb moves I made in the time since my last post. LOL

Please be kind, hug a loved one, and enjoy life while you have the health and energy to do so?

Love and hugs,

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