Sunday, November 24, 2013

Fun, fun, fun

not really! LOL

Flue Season has come to our house. Anybody that says it's fun to be sick at the same time, is lying, or crazy....... :-) We were constantly trying to figure out who would get up and take care of things. On the up side..... I slept!

Mike only missed part of one day of work, and I feel like such a wimp to have been off my feet for almost a week.... We hope, since we had it at the same time, we won't be passing it back and forth all winter, like last year, and we're done with it. I'm hoping for a good freeze, so I can open up the house, and kill the germs, but so far.... it's been cold and wet, no ice. This flue is a fast acting one though. I went to Eindhoven on Friday, for sisterday and some Sinterklaas shopping, had a little bit of thick feeling in my head on Saturday, and was floored by Saturday evening! Usually, it takes a couple of days to actually come down with it, but not this one.  Mike didn't feel good Friday, stayed pretty much on the couch the rest of the weekend, went to work on Tuesday and Wednesday, got sent home on Thursday because he looked so bad, (should have stayed home on Tuesday and Wednesday as well, if you ask me) went back on Friday, and has been working ever since. Me? I've spend some quality time in bed, only getting up on Friday, for a whopping 6 hours, before my body told me to get back to bed, but today, I'm doing good. Breathing is a little bit iffy at times, but all in all..... I think I got this puppy under control!

I forgot to post a couple of pages, so I'm going to today.

Booland Designs' One Page Wonder #92

Patty B Scraps' Greatest Generation

There's a couple of updates to report on, but I'll do that when I have them all figured out. LOL!  Not sure if I'm not as smart as I used to be, or just over think things, but I can read and understand instructions and such, and for the life of me not remember the important parts a day later..... I think if I could get organized, and on some kind of a schedule, it might help, so I think I will start work on that. 

Running around chores will be done tomorrow. We can, because the Commissary is open tomorrow, because they'll be closed Thursday and Friday, Mike will be working Black Friday, I'll be putting up the Christmas tree and from than on, I'll quietly will start working on getting organized, and once I'm done with that, I'll get started on a schedule, and have everything in place by January 1st. That way, I'll have a headstart on my New Years Resolution. LOL

I'm saying goodnight for now. Don't forget to hug a loved one?

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