Monday, December 23, 2013

Could it possibly be.......

That I'm organized and on schedule?

NAH! Did get caught up with the CT requirements, still working on the IvyLeaves. I have to admit, to my shame, that I have not been able to get to the spreadsheet I share with Jan. It opens, and promptly closes. No matter which computer I use!  I still need to work out the details of the schedule I want to start following January 5th. (No New Years resolution for me, just an adjustment in time management) Also need to finish decorating the house, put the finishing touches on dinner tomorrow, wrap one more gift and I'm good to go on Christmas. Tree has been up for a couple of days, but that is more to get Perky used to it BEFORE the breakable decorations go in it, but I DO want to get that done tomorrow. Bake the pie, get "slaatje" going, eggs boiled for devilled eggs... you get the idea. No cookies this year. Oven is good for big stuff, but not so great on finicky stuff, plus there is no way in Hades that I can find a cookie sheet tiny enough to fit! LOL.

I found possible family of my moms, while shopping :-) I updated the family tree page, but I am so excited about this I had to tell you :-)
We went to find some shoes for Mike "up north" and were really close to the place that prints the new genealogy magazine I found at the station on one of my trips to my sister. Part of the company is a scrapbooking store (JAY!) and another part is a museum with the editors family-tree information, displayed the way I would LOVE to do ours, so of course I had to check it out. While doing that, I saw that one of the ladies in the pictures had the same last name as my great grandmother on my grandma's side, AND that she could double for pictures I have seen of my grandma when she was young..... So I asked, and the gentleman was going to check if he came across her somewhere and let me know. How cool is that?!

Enough drooling for one day :-) and on to the ct things.
Ann is still on sabbatical, so there's nothing new to play with. I miss playing with her beautiful kits, but I know she needs the peace and quiet, so it's all right.
Booland has a couple of kits out, and some coming, but I'm all caught up, so I will show you what I can....
IvyScraps has new Mini Pixels out, just for a couple more days, and than it's time for the January ones to hit the store, and I need to get going on the Point In Time challenge for January over at The Studio.

Season's Greetings by BooLand Designs

I know if I wait a couple more days, I can show you more, but ...... I had time, and figured I bug you for a bit. Mike is happy for the reprieve! LOL.

I'll probably not sign in again until after Christmas, so I will wish you the best of Holiday Cheer.
Don't forget to hug a loved one?


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