Thursday, December 19, 2013


Let me begin this post with wishing everybody all the happiness and good health they can handle! LOL

I'm just coming off a 10 day Migraine.... I had gotten all cocky, because I have not HAD a Migraine since my second Chemo treatment a little over 4 years ago, and figured, I must be over it..... I was very happy to forget that someone told me that if you DID have Migraines, or any other chronic pain, it would subside during Chemo, but come back like gangbusters after......... They were right!
The bad ones always used to stew for a couple of days, and by drinking milk, and taking a Tylenol PM at dinner, a lot of times, they got bad, but not so bad that I would have preferred a rootcanal without sedation ...... This one hit out of left field to the point that had I had a closet I fit into, I would have happily hid there. The least little bit of light felt like being poked with a sharp stick and even the usually enticing smell of fresh tea made my stomach turn, let alone trying to eat or drink anything.... with the result, that now that the stomach part is taken care of, I'm constantly searching for food! But besides that, I just feel like a truck took a d-tour and backed up over me a couple of times, before resuming the planned trip. LOL

I have to sit down, and check where I fell down on which job, whether it is fixable, and how to get caught up while keeping up with ongoing things in the meantime. I think we will go without a Christmas tree, or decorated house this year. The tree is still well hidden on top of a cabinet I cannot get to, and I have no idea where the decorations went, because they are not where I thought they were....
Mike will be working up to Christmas eve, as far as I'm aware of anyway, so unless I can find what I want for dinner at our corner shop..... we're having Mac and Cheese, with a chaser of left over Sinterklaas candy for desert......  YAAAAY!!

I AM still working on getting organized, but I think I will have to ask for a grace period from scrapping duties so I can get it right. I know me, and I WILL try and cram everything I should have been doing over the last week or so and that, which I should currently be doing, into the days leading up to, and after Christmas to be done before the 1st.... It may not be possible, and probably isn't healthy, but I have to try and get caught up.

While going thru things in order to get caught up, I DID find a page I made with a kit from BooLandDesigns' called Christmas is not just for Diva's......

I just love the colors of the kit! I'm not done with it yet, either, but I wanted to get you started!

There's a couple of other kits still in the works... You'll love them. Some are due out in a couple of days, one I started on got out while I was snoozing, and 1 is due out around the end of the year.
I'm completely behind on the advent daily download over at the Studio, as well as Boo's blog goodies, but I'm hoping to catch a couple still, before it's done for another year..... I love the bloghops, daily downloads and blog give aways, but I never seem to remember to go by and pick things up! And that is WITH daily reminders on every possible device we have in the house..... Must not be "meant to be"

I don't think I posted these yet, but if I have, sorry :-)  These are an incentive to play the Bingo Game over at Ivy's......

I used Waite For The Moment Designs things only to make these.

Well, as you can tell, the brainpower is running on bare minimum, so if we don't talk before Christmas, have an awesome time?



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  1. So sorry to hear about your migraine. Life has been one big headache for me too for some time now so I can sympathise with you. Hope you´ll get well and stay well....and remember where you put your Christmas decorations.