Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Almost back to normal......

Well, as normal as our life will be, I guess LOL.

I'm a little worried about my sister in law. We haven't heard from her in a while, and she hasn't visited the blog and doesn't respond to emails.... So Kim, let us know what's going on in your neck of the woods?

StarSongStudio's announced her retirement from designing at the end of this month.... I'm bummed, but I understand. She has to do what is good for her, but I will so miss her talent! I'm hoping she'll miss designing so much, that she'll be back in no-time, but  you really can't tell how life is going, as we have found out over the last couple of years. Sometimes, something just "gotta give" to allow some breathing room. I wish her all the peace she and her family needs, and we promised we'll stay in touch!
If you had any thoughts of "later" on any of her beautiful kits, please visit her stores before they close on February 28th!!!!

 photo CUDigitalsBlinkie_zps7232c477.gif

I don't think there was one kit of hers I didn't love, but there's always a couple that stand out (Usually the ones with the pages that came out better than I could imagine... LOL) and some that were much better than my talent for showing them off, and for that I apologize!
It was a fun ride Ann. Thank you so much for trusting me with your creations!

Here are some of my favorite pages/kits/memories put to paper, in no particular order.

Sweet Rememberance
Berries and Cream

I know this is made with Anns kits, but I cannot find it in my stash. I want to say it was Tangerine dream.........
Winter Symphony
Raspberry Truffle
Bright Blooms
Rosy Dawn
Autumn Prelude
Sea Bundle (Sea Passage, Sea Journal, Sea Scapes, Sea Side
Lavendar Dreams
Mountain Whispers 
Atumn Reflections
Autumn Reflections
Painted Ladies
Teacup Garden
Wildflower Symphony
Lady Steampunk
Remember this day
Time for Tea
Sea Passage
A moment in Time
Lavendar Dreams
Toys in the Attic
Winter Wonderland
Sea Side Christmas
Winter Ruins
Nouveau Nostalgia
Forest Fantasy
Even Tide
Blue Poppies

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  1. Simply beautiful, both the kits and the pages you created from them.