Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Just a quicky,

a couple of things, and "sign of life" LOL.
Yes, I'm still around, no I haven't been visiting with you much, but it's nothing personal.... Just life setting its own schedule, no matter what my dayrunner sais.

The POINT IN TIME challenge is up in The Studio:

I used the newest kit from OVER THE FENCE DESIGNS for the announcement. The only thing not from the kit is the glitter used for the month.

Boos new kit Peaceful Moments hit the stores last week. And before I even saw what was in it, I had the picture picked out. It's Perky (what else is new, right?) sleeping on the MyHealth. He can be on the other side of the house, and the minute I turn in on, he comes running. It's amazing, so after I'm done with mine and Mike's sessions, I put it on the internal peace setting, and put it on the floor next to him. Within a minute his head is on it, and within a couple more, he's out like a light.

A while back, ALL the way in January LOL, I had posted this page in de galleries, but not here yet. 

The template is from the double page template set that Boo just released a couple of weeks ago. The kit used was

The pictures are from the Bask black wolf enclosure in Gaia Zoo. In the newsletter the other day, they were explaining that there will be another pack of European Grey wolves coming, with a viewing gallery at eye level.... That will be something to see. Can't wait! They're in a building frenzy at the zoo right now, so it will be time for me to snoop around, one of these days, when I can walk for longer than an hour..... I over did it a bit a week or so ago, and I'm still paying LOL. Did I have fun? MOST definatly! Would I do it again? YUP!  

This reminds me of a picture of a T-shirt Mike lovingly sent my way from www.roadkillshirts.com......

I went to the Den Bosch archives on Thursday, and on Friday I decided I really needed out of the house again, so Mike and I went back and did part of the city walk. I had found out at the archives, that my grandpa was baptized in the cathedral there, and I also found a couple of the addresses, but...... I forgot to bring them with us. No harm done though. We're going back when the weather is a little less BRRRR :-) The sun was shining, so that was ok, but in the narrow streets, the wind was rather frigid at times. Add to that that Mike ran a splinter thru his foot at work, and was hobbeling worse than I was, so we didn't spend as much time as we wanted, but that just leaves more fun for next time. 

I will go back to do some research too, all I have to do is find discount train tickets LOL. When they have those, it costs about 15 to 18 Euro's (depending on the offer) to travel, by train, all day. For me to go to the archives without that discount, it takes 46.......... So, on discount tickets, that would be at least 2 trips for the price of 1. Were we to take the car, the parking would run into the 20's for all day, plus the gas, so unless you go with more than two, train-with-discount is the way to go :-)     I even have an alert set up on the computer for several chain stores that offer these tickets, to give me a buzz if they're having a sale, and hopefully, when they do, we have the spare-cash to use them LOL.

I found a couple more pages I should have posted a while ago :-(
I'm starting to like the double pages though, they're just a little tricky to show off here, or in the galleries......

I've been hooked on getting into web-design ever since I hit the wrong button on Frontpage a couple of years ago, and saw the coding, so I started a course in "getting to know how it works"..... If nothing else, I will learn something, and either find out if it looks more fun than it is, or if I can make it work as a business, so I can work from home :-)

Currently, I'm starting the 3rd lesson, and I'm still hooked, and tempted to "read ahead" and see what's next, but I'm being a good girl, and going one step/lesson at a time. LOL  Just got done with a little bit of the history of websites, domains and hosting and now starting on design-tools.... YEAH!!!!!
I may have to break down, and join the cloud though, since Adobe doesn't sell the programs anymore, just cloud-subscriptions........ That's a bit of a downer, but it may work out ok. I can do my classes, and if I decide it's not for me, I cancel, and not have a couple of grand in programs sitting idle..... But I'm so excited to do this! 

So, I think you're all caught up on my shenanigans...... I will go pick up the house, clean the carpet (Perky is in between winter and summer coat, with the inevitable hairballs, even with the special food) and than, oh chucks :-), it's back to class! LOL

Don't forget to "Love a Hugged One" :-)

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  1. I´ve got to say that Perky looks adorable in that photo/setting. I´ve also got to say that if I shared my house with him I´d rather see him asleep than running up my curtains! Well, they do have a reputation for that, don´t they and, besides, if you had to call him Perky he probably feels obliged to live up to his name...