Sunday, March 23, 2014


Brother In Law is home and doing as well as can be expected. Thankfully!
So hopefully, I can catch up on my loss of sleep, and body aches that come with "over doing it" by beginning of next week, and start on that schedule..... I swear, if our life will ever trickle along without mayor rocks being thrown in the stream, we will NOT know what to do with ourselves, but I know we'll settle for a calm period, just for a little while, to get our barings. Not to get complacent, mind you, just long enough to catch our breath LOL

I started this post on the 8th of March..... YUP, that rock hit the stream. Nothing mayor, just a lot hitting the fan at once, again, a couple of really bad days, a couple of just bad days, and you're 2 weeks further on the calendar before you know it!

On the upside of things........ I signed myself up for the Mini Madness Challenge over at The Studio. It started today, and will run thru April 5th. and every day you can make a page with a mini-kit of your choice, and when you do, you will receive 1$ coupon....... BUT, and this is the awesome part (besides the scrapping, of course) all the mini kits are 1$ during this challenge, so you can buy the kit for tomorrows page, with the reward you received for yesterdays page......

My first page was with one of Boo's new series the One Step Beyond kits.... #1.  I had planned to use it for our trip to Panorama Mesdag, sometime this summer, but I remembered I had taken this picture of a whole row of seagulls on our trip to Den Bosch in January...... So I used it for that, and I'm sure there will be a kit for the "yet to be taken" pictures by the time they're taken LOL.

Well, it's late, I'm bushed, Perky and Mike already took off to bed, so I think I will follow.

Don't forget to hug that special one?

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