Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Day 4

and the schedule is AWESOME!!! I get more done, and have more time to myself than when I just winged it :-)

Just got done posting day 4 in the mini madness...... and realized I hadn't posted day 1 at all, so there's 2 to show off today....... and,
YUP! I went for the "kits not played with" approach! LOL. More by necessity than design, I may add. I figured out there are 10 days of challenge (coupons) and my list is 38 kits long, so until I trim that one down, instead of keep adding every time I look at he mini-kit section on the site.... I'm kinda stuck. Not a bad place to be, I agree, but it's not really conducive to getting pages scrapped. :-)

BooLandDesigns  ONE PAGE WONDER # 38


I had OSB-1 slated for the trip to the beach we've been planning for a good 6 months now, but I figured there's no harm in using it twice.... and we're not even sure we're going to make it this year...... I know, 2.5 hour trip, should be doable, right, but with both Mike and me being tired, and worst of all in a fair amount of pain, every day...... we'd have to have more than 1 day between work, so Mike has a chance to veg at least one day before going back, so... until he takes vacation, I don't think that's going to happen.

I won't post tomorrow, or Friday, maybe not even Saturday, and there's a very good reason for that!
Tomorrow, is Sisterday. Nicky is coming up to our place (Or is it down? never could get that straight LOL) so it won't be an early start, or a late night, but we'll be enjoying eachothers company none the less. I have a dinner planned for the crockpot, so even if we decide to go out, we can eat when we come back, and if we decide not to come home for dinner, at least Mike will have something to eat......
Friday, we go fix the car. The brakes finally came in yesterday. Well, the parts we were waiting on. The front brakes came in last week, but instead of going twice, we decided to wait until everything was in, and just rent the lift for the day. Base has a garage with 4 lifts, where you can work on your car. There's a mechanic on duty, for when you get stuck, but you're supposed to do the work yourself. Which is fine by me. I need to learn these things, so..... I'll be dirty, grimey, tired and more than likely hurting more than a little by Friday night, but it does mean that our baby will have stopping power again! Just in time for the annual APK check on April 11. April is going to be a weird month. The whole family (People, pet and car) will have a check up! LOL  I keep thinking, besides that, it will be busy, but I couldn't tell you with what, so that will be a surprise to all of us!

Well, gotta run. Took a posting break, and now it's on to Cooking dinner. I have this plan, that will take a little bit to finish, so it's a good thing Mike won't be home till 6..... He may just have dinner when he gets here. I'll let you know how it panned out (aka whether we needed to implement plan B - Chinese take out)

Don't forget to hug that loved one!

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  1. Hi Pauli... I dropped in and scanned over your page.. don't have a lot of time, but hope you all are well. I am doing good, just living the dream Ya Know? :) I really do need to check my email.. I kinda forget about the Hotmail I guess. I will type one up soon. Hope you are doing fine Pauli Take Care.........Love Kim