Thursday, April 24, 2014

When they say April Showers.....

I'm pretty sure they didn't mean snow!
After a week of sheer panic, I'm finally catching up with the news, and saw there were snowflurries in the North and North East of the US, and today they're warning for severe weather in Iowa, with fire danger in the high range........... what the .....?!
It's not a whole lot better on this side of the world though....... No snow, but Mike had to scrape the whole of last week, however, after about 2 you can happily walk around in a t-shirt and sweat! Oh well.... with my internal heater being broke, I usually walk around wearing a t-shirt, and having a sweater handy, and alternate the 2 every 5 to 10 minutes, so I probably shouldn't say anything about odd? LOL!

Now that I have that off my chest....... I got my all clear (hence the week of panic) and the next appointment in 6 months. Mike has a steady schedule, including working extra long at Easter, my dad only seems to call if he needs something ordered from the states, or he has a problem with his computer, I ticked my big sister off by wishing her a happy birthday, and ... I'm still loving the webdesign course!

I kinda-sorta got fired from one of my ct-jobs. I'm debating about quitting my last one, but have a hard time giving up the fun, and slowly but surely, I'm working towards getting my office back from being a dumping ground for everything that's in the way in every other room of the house, but.... I have such a hard time deciding what needs to go, and what I want to and/or can keep, if I want walking room...... LOL.... Maybe I should turn that part over to Mike, and see what I end up with, once he's done? Nah, better not. We did that when we left Iowa, and I'm still missing things I would have kept, and come across stuff I would have pitched, so I'm just going to have to lock the room, and not come out until I have free floorspace. So, if you don't hear from me for a while, don't put me on a milk carton just yet, I just may be clearing house! LOL.

Since I started this post a week or so ago, I have discovered a couple of things.
- This girl is not made to throw things out! LOL Every time I put something in the "dump" pile it turns back up in the "put away" pile after a couple of hours...... Not a good way to make room. I may start with babysteps, and instead of making a "give away/throw away" pile, I will make a "think about it" pile. Than, after I have the main things figured out, and put away, or at least figured out what kind of storage I need, I will start on that pile....... I may just get this done right around August!
- I didn't tick my sister off (I think LOL), she just didn't know how to tell me I'm not invited to her wedding! (This also accounts for my dad not answering his phone (and I know for a fact he has computer problems, so this must be pretty hard on him) and my niece not wanting to talk to me, and my sister not answering her phone.......... Oh well. It would have saved everybody a whole lot of grief if she'd just said something. SO, my big sister is getting married to her buddy of 20 some years.  I hope they are very happy together. She deserves some peace and quiet in their life. I know, as an end to the previous sentence this sounds like it is not meant well, but I am truly happy for her, and DO wish her well. I guess, all things considered, I should not be upset, I have been away for so long, people tend to forget I'm back, but when I found out, I wasn't sure if I should be pissed, or sad, and I decided I was mainly sad, that we, as a family cannot be honest enough with each other, that we'd rather not talk, than talk something out. I think the wedding is in their back yard, and with his 2 girls and her 4, with spouses and kids.... I'd have to sit on the roof to fit, so I understand. Plus it's a personal choice. It's just..... It would have been nice to be told, instead of excluded from even being happy for them?

There were a couple of pages I still had to show you, and some I just got done with. I was all happy, thinking I was ahead of the game, just to find out that they are so far overdue, that the thread isn't even in the forum anymore........ Oops! I sense another, regroup/rethink session coming up...........

So, without further delay.....

The way over due ones are made with Spring Passion by Booland.

This one is a little early (about 18 hours or so) It will come out tomorrow over at The Studio. It is also by Boo. Probably, from now on, unless it's NOT by her, I should just give you the kit name, since she's the only designer left that I CT for.

These are the last couple from the March Mini Madness challenge: All kits are by Boo, and they are in my gallery over the The Studio as well.

AND, you may, or may not, be happy to know that I made up my mind on the mini's. I missed a couple of coupons because of wrong posting, and let one slip away (by 5 minutes) by looking around too long in the store, but all in all......... I was a happy camper! Now all I need is time........ time to sit and scrap, research family tree and enter, keep up with the house chores, keep in touch with everybody I hold dear, sort out all the crap I have, hold on to, and probably should rehome in one way or another, make the Christmascards before I'm too late to even send them out.

OH! I ALMOST FORGOT!!!!! We have baby lions at the zoo! Guess who's going to see them on Sunday!? YUP! tomorrow we will finish up the brakes, Saturday........ who knows, no plans yet, and sunday, while Mike is working, I'll be spending some time at the zoo. I hope it won't be too busy, but at the very least, I'll get my walking in for the day.  Go check out the little ones online (newscast, so I'm not sure how long it's available) or on youtube

Well, that's it for me, I think. I'l keep you updated on the little ones, and everything else, as I think about it. Don't forget to hug that loved one1?

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  1. So much to comment on here if I only had the time! What struck me particularly was your tidying away/throwing out "plan". It sounds very like mine. Sigh. To quote our national poet, Rabbie Burns, "The best laid plans o´ mice and men gang aft agley." While you´re trying to translate that into some language you understand, I´m off to join Dora in the garden where, I´m glad to say, no snow is lying...

    PS I´ll come back again later to oooh and aaah over the baby lions.