Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Day 5 thru 9 working on 10.....

Kim, so glad you found your way here again. You had me worried little sister! :-)

The brakes didn't happen.... Mike came home sick Thursday, so we took it easy on Friday. Come Saturday, he was bored enough to go down to the car and see if everything actually came in, and check to see if we had all the tools to do the job right. The "shop" had a lift available on Monday (Neither one of us had figured on the "space available" concept for some odd reason. We figured we'd show up and go to work. LOL Silly people!
We did find out that obviously NOBODY here works on their own car. We missed 2 parts, and it took us all Saturday and part of Monday to NOT find either of them, and McGyver it.  We needed  a C-clamp and a small syphon-kit (so we could take a little brakefluid out of the system so it wouldn't go all over when we compressed them to replace the brakes.....) We're ending up using a regular short square clamp and the syringe I use to give perky his medicine.   I hope we don't need the caliper seals, because they are not available in the whole of Holland!

Mike had to go to work on Sunday, and from what I understand, he's staying on the current schedule, so I'll have all the Sundays to myself..... yeay (I'm SO underwelmed!) and I went to the zoo. Had a great time, found out that "my" wolves are gone, and will be replaced with European wolves. That was a bummer, but the Wolverine has a new mate, of sorts. I walked by a couple of times during the day, and one was in one corner, and the other in another, as far away from eachother as they could be. Not at all like he was with his old mate. They would play together, and snuggle close if it was cold. They both seemed a little lonely to me. The fuzzy donkey at the entry way got replaced with oreo cows. I know there's an official name for them, but I don't know it, and this way, you atleast know what they look like, right? LOL.  I made a couple of really nice pictures of the Bobcats (there seemed less than last time and I'll have to check on that), noticed there are only 4 out of 12 Przewalski horses left, they increased the local birds, and moved a lot of the animals around. I knew they had shipped some of the horses to be released in Poland, but I hadn't taken in account that they needed greater numbers to survive in the wild than in the zoo. I was kinda sad to see so little of them left, but the wild ones will have a better chance in a bigger band, so that's ok.  The new wolf-tunnel will be done in July, and that's when the new pack is expected. And I have no idea where they have put the birdcage, but supposedly, it's almost done too.  The otters have a little bit more room. (got some neat pictures of them) and I sat outside and people watched for a bit........ It was interesting, to put it mildly, but that impression may very well have been mutual, so that's all I'm going to say about that :-)
Oh! and someday, I'll actually make it to the raptor show! LOL

I did do my posting every day in the Mini Madness Challenge, and even finished and posted my Point In Time challenge, got some very good news from a dear friend about her pup, some not so good news from another friend, which involved lots of talking and tissues, but she's feeling a little better now, got an unexpected email from Mike's step niece about family tree things (SO COOL! Every time I hear from somebody, it gets me back in to the tree in a whole different mindset. Love it!) got snubbed by my sister when I wished her happy birthday (won't be repeated next year!) and I'm ready for the week. I took today to spend with Perky and the computer.... (He's sleeping in his basket next to me on the table) and will get going on the schedule starting tomorrow. Right now, it's time to get the groceries in, have a cup of tea when I get back, and start dinner. BUT, not before I show you the pages for the challenge, and some for Boo's part in the Collab Cafe in Paris.

 Day 5

 Day 6

 Day 7

Day 8

Day 9
All pages are made with Boo's kits because I'm still adding more than subtracting from my wish list.... I better decide soon, because the sale only runs thru the 5th!!!

OH, Boo asked the blossoms to put a question out there......

For the Point In Time challenge, I used Boo's part of the Cafe in Paris Collab over at The Studio.  Will you come and play with us? The April Challenge thread wasn't up yet, but than, it's still early in The States, and Toiny is hopping with the Mini Madness thing, so ..... The challenge information is on this invitation in the gallery if you want to get started, the rest would just be housekeeping things like "credit, photo, journaling.... that kind of stuff". Just check back in a day or so to post in the forum, as soon as Toiny catches her breath, I'm sure it will be up in no time at all.

I absolutely adore the silky look of the paper, and someday, I hope I can figure out how she did that! LOL.

My official page with her kit, is:

Well, I think that's all I needed to catch you up on. Hopefully by tonight, I'm caught up with everything I left over the last couple of days, and I won't have so much to tell you in one sitting. 

BUT, for now, don't forget to hug that loved one, and don't pull pranks today you don't want coming back to you..... LOL



  1. First of all, I agree that nobody on the European mainland ever EVER mends their own car. Well, nobody we know. Of course in the Netherlands I´m pretty sure lots of folk mend their own bikes!
    Secondly, I think you make beautiful pages. I particularly like the aqua blue one, probably because it reminds me of summer and days on the beach.
    Thirdly, I envy you your day at the zoo and completely understand how you could get attached to some of the animals and miss them when they´re gone. Glad you had a fun day out.

    PS What goes around is sure to come around - and not just on the 1st of April - so I´m being a good girl today. Don´t know how long I can keep it going though....probably just until I see what damage the snails have done overnight in my veggie patch. At least no other animals will be affected by my snail pellets!

  2. Hi Pauli... I do check in from time to time.. Here I am again lol Hey check out the Decorah Iowa Eagles LIVE on their nest.. I watch this a lot.. ENJOY!! http://www.ustream.tv/decoraheagles