Thursday, July 10, 2014

Quick update.........

Scrapping: Lots to play with, little to show, but I'm working on it! I promise!
Posted the Point In Time heritage challenge at the Studio 

Finished the page for One Step Beyond #18

Have to Contact a couple of designers I haven't heard from for a while......

Cars:  No change in grumpyness, no word from the welder, so we may still have to scrap the KA, and the Neon needs a new/refurbished engine after all. We're working on things, but I think Mike will be taking the train to work for a while........ The monthly bill for getting to work will go to160 Euro's (from 90$ combined gas and insurance)

Jobhunt: I ordered businesscards :-)  It's considered normal to add one to your resume/coverletter...... No clue why, because barely anyone wants snailmail anymore. It's all online forms, so the HR-bots can go thru the applications first, but I figured, I can carry them, and when needed I don't have to write my information on a napkin..... Showed the concept to my sister, and she said it "is me", so I hope that's a good thing...... (I'm not ready to hear the answer, so I didn't ask the question! LOL)


Downloaded a bunch of "helpfull hints" for over-the-hill jobseekers and some pointers to defeat the HR-bots and I'm working on translating my skills into something that is marketable here. 

Perky: Is currently "out like a light" and holding down the mouse with his paw, while his head is leaning on my wrist, so if the typing is lopsided....... not my fault, blaming the cat! ROFL.

Weather: Hot, humid, buggy and miserable. Thunderstorms were promised but failed to be delivered, so we're in for more of the same tomorrow..... thank god I don't have to go anywhere, so I can hang out under the cold water....... 

That's all I have to say....... time for bed:-)  I'm not saying anything about sleep, that would just be silly, but I can hope for it, can't I .....? 

Don't forget to  hug a loved one!


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