Friday, July 25, 2014

Tomorrow, the last 38 will come home.....

These last 3 days, I have been sitting in front of the TV, not knowing if I was sad, mad or both....
I think I'm both. News keeps calling this an accident. I wish they would call it what it was..... An attack. A senseless "see what we can do" attack, costing the lives of people that had done nothing, except book a flight.

I am sad, when I see the list of people. Whole families, wiped out.... for what? To prove a point?
My brother in law lost 2 colegues, my nieces boyfriend lost a fellow student, there are 2 families in one street who planned a vacation together.

Wednesday, when I saw the ceremony at Eindhoven Airport, I got chills, and I felt proud because it showed the country I love, is still the way it was when I left, even though it doesn't show on a daily basis. The care taken with the caskets, the protection from media intrusion of the family members.... and than, at the very end, the long line of hurst, traveling on a deserted freeway, with people along side the road, cars pulling over in the oncoming travel lanes to pay their respect. That's when it hit home, that there would be at least 160 more hurst following them....... and tomorrow, the last 38 will make the trip. According to the news, there may be more victims, but for now.... tomorrow will be the last flight in for a while. I hope identification will bring a little closure the the families and my thoughts are with everybody who lost loved ones.  Don't forget to hug yours?


  1. Yes, it´s sad and shocking and I understand your grief but you have to put that aside now and try to get on with your life. I know that this sounds harsh but I know exactly how you feel because I always used to let such tragedies – especially those so close to home – affect me terribly and have a negative impact on my own life. You´ve grieved for all those innocent victims of that senseless attack but what you need now is the serenity to accept what you can´t change because continuing to be sad will change nothing. I know it takes time to absorb something so devastating but for your own sake I do hope you´ll soon be able to let it go. I hope I haven´t alienated you with these comments but believe me when I say that I have your best interests at heart.

  2. You could never alienate me with the truth my friend :-)
    It will stick with me for a bit, but I know you are right. There's battles to fight that I HAVE to, and I'll need what little sanity I have, for those....

    I see you made it home safe and sandy, I mean sound.... Got all the sand out of Dora yet? I hope it was cooler on the coast, and I know I'll probably be the only one thinking this..... It's raining, and I'm so happy about it that I'm sitting on the balcony, sipping tea! LOL.

  3. You seem to be MIA or maybe you´re just hibernating until this bad weather finally stops and the sun appears again. Hope you´re not still sad.