Monday, January 12, 2015


Watching the fireworks the other night, looking back on the last year, taking stock of the years since I was diagnosed and the second chance that followed,  I made a resolution.
              This year is going to be BETTER than 2014!
I'm done with being told I'm old, and feeling that way, feeling left behind because of it, being discouraged and frazzled. Especially the last one! LOL.

In order to make this work, I have a lot of work to do, lots of bad habits to break and all of that, starting today.......
- I have till March 1st to finish my WebDesign course, so I will study 8 hours a day when Mike is at work and 4 to 6 on his days off, depending on what the plans are (read  how much we have to catch up on)
- I will thin out the chore schedule, and fit it in 7 days, instead of the days Mike is working
- I will stick to a schedule of going to bed at 10.30 and getting up at 5. No more all nighters, no more sleepless nights for this girl.
- I will make meals from scratch, and 80% will be healthy. (EEK!)
- I will take one day a month, that is completely mine. To do with as I please, wether it be going to an exhibit, zoo (always an option!), the archives in Den Bosch, the National Archives in The Hague, or just hang out and play, read, watch movies. (It depends largely on the budget how far I can stray from the house, but...... It's a thought!)
- I will spend 3 hours a day on household chores, including fixing dinner, and what I don't get done, will roll over to my "short" study day.
- I wills spend 3 hours a day, one website a day, on jobhunt, putting in applications and getting ready to go back to work, and will not listen to the powers that be, that I am too old, too long out of the Dutch workforce and too unplaceable to even help. If they don't want to help, I'll find another way to get to work.
- The first week of March, I will catch up on the house. By than, all chores will have fallen behind at least a little bit, it will be spring(ish) and I'll have to paint the planters, and plan what I want to put in them, and find a way to finance it. LOL. 
- That week, I will make a plan of attack for the next 3 months, including a schedule, that will keep the same hours, and such as the first quarter, and when I get a job, I'll never know the difference, won't be dead-on-my-feet at the end of the day and life will be grand! We will be able to save for things we have been putting off, we may be able to plan a day or 2 away from home, without having to worry that we won't be able to eat at the end of the month, and we may, just maybe, be able to sit back and enjoy for a little while, before stuff starts hitting the fan again. I know, I'm pushing it with that thought, but it could be.........

As part of these "good intentions"............ I will try and visit once a week, and keep you posted.
I used last week to "get it together" in way of tweaking the schedule/task line-up etc. but today is the beginning of a new me :-)

Don't forget to hug a loved one (twice when of the furry variety), and I will talk to you in a couple of days.

PS: The Point In Time Heritage challenge over at the studio is also back on the schedule! And posted for January.....

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  1. I wish you luck with your New Year resolutions though I have the sneaking suspicion that you´ve probably bitten off more than you can chew, especially when it comes to making meals from scratch...unless you´ve roped in the cat to help!