Thursday, February 12, 2015

coming up for air......... :-)

Been hitting the books pretty hard. Learning lots, getting more information than my brain sometimes can handle, but I'm still happy with learning, and as long as our fuzzy roommate cooperates and I get away from the books every once in a while, I'm ok. But I realized I hadn't visited for a while, so here I am.

No, I'm not goofing off, per se. LOL. I was looking for a hosting site, to do my "testing of knowledge" before taking the exam (hopefully next week) and came across this "oh so adobrable" site. It's a fox sanctuary in Japan, but..... they are sooooo cute! I couldn't help downloading a picture from it.

Sunday we're going to see a East India Company 3-master in Lelystad. I just hope we can keep the frost off things for the day. Being on the water, on the North Sea in February may not have been such a smart plan, but hey, we decided that weather, unless hazardous to our health or the cars, would not stop us from having fun. Plus, the tickets expire March 1st. LOL. So Monday, I should be all recharged and back to study. I'm almost all the way thru the study materials, and I have 2 shots at the exam, so I have high hopes. (I don't really expect to flunk the first try, but I have no idea what to expect in way of questions, and whether I can check coding for answers, or have to know ...... and there is no one to ask, so I'll have to find out the hard way) 

So, break is over, just checking in. Talk to you after the exam, ok?

Dont' forget to hug a loved one!


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