Monday, March 2, 2015

WOW, it's been a while......

Didn't think it had been this long since I visited, but there you have it. Obviously, part of my "good intentions" for 2015 didn't make it already, but I had a good reason. Honest!

I didn't make the deadline for the exam. A 10 day migraine made sure of that, but, I rallied and I'm done with the course, and taking the exam March 10th. Now "all" I need to do is study myself silly and find a way to break into my website, so I can learn things "hands on" and I'm home free.

I took today off, to clean house and to scrap a little. You see, we went to the VOC Sailing ship in Lelystad with my sister and her husband and had a blast!
The ship was amazing! When we first saw it, we thought it looked awful small, but there was an whole lot of stuff crammed onto it and also, the closer you got, the bigger it got..... There was a secondary ship they were supposed to build, but after a fire, they ran out of money and stopped the build, so now the ship is slowly disintegrating. The one that we took the tour on was so beautiful. The wood, inside and out, the way things were put together. Splendid! They had little ceramic heads at all the stations that would have been manned around the clock while at sea, and the little fence separating the "working men" from the officers. I didn't know that was done. Of course, Hollywood is not known for its True-to-life portrayal. LOL. They are restoring a Roman ship, found in the same area, and as soon as it is open to the public, I will be in line to go see it. The ship is moored behind a rock breaker, because the IJselmeer still has current, as well as healthy shipping traffic, and they turn the ship every other year 180 degrees, to keep it straight and balanced.  It no longer sails, but it DID sail across the ocean after it was rebuilt. That must have been a sight to see.....

On the breaker is a huge wire statue of a man, squatting down, looking out over the see. It seems an odd place for art, but it somehow fits. :-)

And last Saturday we went to the motorcycle convention in Utrecht. we took the train, and we both had a beer with lunch, because we didn't have to drive. We expected a hotdog, grilled cheese kind of offering, but were surprised with ciabatta's, chicken in peanutsauce and my personal favorite Filet Americain. Now don't think there is anything American about this. It's raw ground beef with spices, jammed on a piece of crunchy French bread. Mike can barely stand to look at it, but it tastes SOOOOOO GOOOOD! I only have it maybe once a year, so it's not too bad. I know you're not supposed to eat raw meat, and that ground beef comes a very close second to raw chicken, but don't knock it until you tried it. LOL. I grew up with it as a treat on holidays, before everything you ate was bad for one part or another, and I have missed it, so every once in a while, I indulge :-)  As a matter of fact, it was the first thing I ate when we came back, even before we left the airport. LOL!

In my "off" hours, I did a little scrapping. Not much, not long, but a couple of pages, none the less.
I'm no longer able to shop, and I had to put one of my ct"jobs" on hold, because I cannot go to the store and "shop" but with study and reading manual after manual on HTML, CSS and the likes, who has time to worry.....

Here are the pages I made.

Booland's part of the Morning Mist Collab
This is the female wolverine at our zoo. It was the first time I caught her outside in the year and a half she's been there. I haven't read that they're expecting baby's, but than, the zoo staff gets surprised with offspring a lot, so I still have hope. LOL.

Boolands kit Love is. The Teddybears just asked for a window to look out of!

DoubleDip Romance over at The Studio.
The March Point In Time Challenge add got posted today.  A little shameless plugging going on here, but it's the 3rd month in a row that I'm on time and I am so proud of me I had to share :-)

Silly as it may sound, I have not been able to scrap the Giants of the IceAge, The Batavia OR the motorcycle show, so there's still some in the works. I'm planning on doing a little every night. Just to unwind, but I have been feeling guilty when I did anything but study, so we'll have to see which part wins. Otherwise, I will get back in the swing of things after the exam(s).

For now, I'm going to quit here and have some dinner (Yes, I'm successfully multitasking today. LOL) and than I'm getting ready for tomorrow, have a cup of tea and hit the hay....

Until next time..... Don't forget to hug a loved one?


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