Friday, September 2, 2016


I thought I had heard all the crap music, seen all the crap theater and wasted all the time I was ever going to waste....... Until tonight.
We had Cultura Nova at the castle, and a performance of the picnic horrific..... I use the term performance loosely, and the horrific part was spot on!

On top of that, the organizer  scored some major bonus points as far as I'm concerned..... About 5 minutes after the performance started, the catering crew left, and I was wondering why, and was told.... Well, these people get paid, so if there's nothing for them to do, we send them home. If they were volunteers, it would be a different story, we could keep them here, not a problem. WTF? It perfectly illustrates how people think about volunteers. You're just useful, besides that, you're crap to them..... You know I love the project, I think it's very unique, very worthwhile, and I will do anything I can, to help, but besides giving tours, I'm pretty much done with it. This shit with... you do it, but I'll tell you how, while I'm trying to start my business, the partners that are supposed to help the project, using the volunteers as well as the project to further whatever it is they want to further, and the project doesn't get anything out of it..... I'm pretty disgusted right now. You sign up to be here, with no instructions, whatever, no one is reachable, and you're on your own ..... and I could go on a bit, but I won't.

I have 3 more boards to make for the exhibit. Due yesterday, but thru some major pain in the ass, that at the last minute decided I wasn't doing it right, throwing all kinds of monkey-wrenches and insults, no constructive critisism and only crap my way, and than goes on vacation, the fun is missing. As if I'm not stressed enough yet.

Just in the last 10 days, the Neons ABS went out, and yesterday the KA went thru its brakes. Our vacation got cancelled the day before Mike was supposed to be off, Wednesday I have an appointment with the Taxman, and after that I can figure out if I'm going to work for someone else, or for me. While having a 2 day workweek. I'm not sure how much more fun I can take.

Well, I'm done whining, and sorry to bug you with it but...... Shit happens, I just wish it would go somewhere else every once in a while.....

Don't forget to hug a loved one, and if you could, send a a couple of good thoughts our way?

Love and hugs,

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