Wednesday, October 5, 2016

I must have too much time on my hands.....

Or I'm just plain nuts. LOL. 
Now, before you hit that responds button......... This is a statement, not a question so it does NOT need an answer :-).......

I signed up for the  Layout Artist Contest at The Studio this year. It's not that I don't have anything to do,far from it, really, but it's a reflex! I miss scrapping, but I'm on the computer so much, that when/if I'm done with what needs doing, I check email and turn it off. I want to get back into scrapping, fit it back into my schedule. Every time I fall into bed at 3, knowing the alarm goes off at 5, with the fuzzy alarm going off at 4..... I think about giving up the CT duties, but I know I don't want to, so I'll have to find a way to "work it in".  I figured with the strict deadlines in the contest, it's a good way to get back in the habit, and lets face it.... It's just too much fun NOT to go for a contest like this!

There is a slight "hitch in the giddy-up" in that you need votes to proceed to the next level..... Not sure how I will work that in, but I'm hoping that everybody that knows me, will vote for me, if they think I should advance. If I don't stack up to the other contestants.... so be it :-)  Just in case, voting starts on October 7th and ends on the 10th. Not sure how the voting works, if you can vote on the page itself, or whether there is a separate thread per week..... but it should be fairly easy to follow the breadcrumbs around to the voting page. The other thing is, you have to sign up at the site, I believe.

So, here's my first weeks layout.
I always loved the car in Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries, so I had a picture of the car saved, but hadn't done anything with it, but have it as a background for a while...... 

I used the scatter and a very fuzzy circle as a mask for the picture.  I cropped the hood-ornament and ghosted it into the page and also used the Peonies and some of the butterfly to make it look like they belong on the white grungy sheet. The font used is Empire and I will have to find out which designer created which part of the rest of the page before I post it in The Studio

Here you go............... Hope you like it :-)

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