Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Deco-Pages Newsletter hit the stands today......

The News Letter is out! Finally!
There's still time for the challenges, but you'll have to hurry!

Go check it out ......
It may take a little bit to download, I hadn't figured out how to flatten, merge and optimize untill I was almost done........

Have fun, go check out the website at http://www.deco-pages.com/

Remember, Point in Time challenge at "The Studio" runs thru the 15th of the month, because I was so late putting it up. HOWEVER....... The October Challenge will go up more or less on time this month :-)

Ivy Scraps will have a new Collab, so watch here and in The CT Gallery for inspiration

If you're in to challenges of the fun kind....
Digi Designs Resort  has some really neat ones.

has REALLY nice things for scrapping that family tree stuff!
and till the end ofseptember, they're having a sale as well.
I hadn't been there a while, but I remembered what I liked about the site, and the products.

They also have 2 chats a week for any one interested in family tree and preserving family memories.
Mondays is the "Life Book" chat. Here, over the course of 6 months, you'll build a book of someones life, including front and back cover. It's all in the Forum
Tuesdays, is more for the research on how to GET the information to put in the book, or just plain find information for the tree :-)
Go check it out, both chats start at 9PM Eastern Time.

Soo... I think I'v bent your ear enough for one day........
See ya soon :-)

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