Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thanks for stopping by....


Thanks for stopping by!
This is SUCH a weird month, and I have the sneaky suspicion that it's not over yet......

Here are the updates on my favorite scrap sites.....
THE STUDIO, is still having a birthday bash going... till the end of the month, they have challenges, random give aways, the works! Go take a look!

They also have a designer challenge going. There's some really wonderful stuff to look at, and download! Please say thanks, and vote for your favorite designer?

I finished my CT pages for  IVY SCRAPS. I'm SOOOOOO SLOW in photo-shop, but I'm learning a lot, so I guess, eventually, I'll be ahead of the game LOL. Once I figured out that on a MAC, you don't copy and past elements into the documents, but open them in another photoshop project and drag them over.... it went a lot faster, since I didn't have to clean things up before I used them.... so silly. Now if I can get a handle on the difference between merging and flattening ....... ROFL

The kit used is the Ivy Mega for September: COZY AT HOME.
The kid used is my nephew
The photo's are my sisters
The alpha is mine, created with rust-style
The program is photo-shop

Here they are: 

The kit is not necessarily fall related, but it's getting colder out, leaves are turning, and it's my favorite season, so....... fall pictures it is! The other CT's have done some wonderful things with the kit, go check it out and leave some love :-)

DECO-PAGES newsletter, is still in the works. I thought I had everything just right, and went to put the links in, and it turns out, I either missed a bunch, or picked the wrong ones all together because things started showing up, that I'd never seen before...... So, please be patient, it'll get there!

The Mega download this month is  GO TEAM GO, and it is wonderful for all pictures with sports, and family events. Whether you like to watch peewee football, or the big guys or my favorite, IOWA HAWKEYES College, it's all there, so go visit, look around, download a thing or two and have fun. Don't forget to sign up for a gallery, so we can see what you do?
Here are some of the previews of the download

That's it for me for today, I'm going to figure out what I did with the News Letter!

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