Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hi there,

so sorry to have been absent again. But I had a good reason. Actually, there were a couple, but there is one that has me in severe distress.... I blew up my MAC!

It went more "POP!" than "KABLOOI" but the result was the same... It's deader than a doornail. I wanted to link the newsletter for Flights of Fancy real quick, so that Pat could post it, and didn't have to keep asking, and I forgot to switch the voltage before I put the plug in the wall......... So now I'm frantically searching for a powersupply for an 11 year old mac!  And than, there's the little issue of my "yellow box" aka, our only functioning Windows computer..... The monitor works, the box works, the keyboard and mouse turn on, but somehow, they're not talking to the computer!

BUT! You didn't come by to hear me moan, so that's it for me. On to nicer things. Although I haven't been able to scrap, I haven't been completely out of touch.
           * I added a commitment to a designer. StarSong Studio from DigiDesignResort.
           * I'm still scheduled to put out the newsletter for Flights of Fancy.
              We're going to combine July and August, and start back up on a regular
              schedule by September 15th.  This should give me time to get sorted out.
           * The new IvyScraps Mega is out, and I'm making the Bingo-page this month.
              As soon as I get the links to the kit, I'm going to do my pages.
           * I signed up for a Quick Page competition that starts on the 15th
           * I JUST posted the Point in TIme challenge at DigitalScrapbookingStudio....
              Not because I didn't know what to do, but because I didn't remember I hadn't
              done it yet!!  So that challenge will now run until August 15th.

We still have an amazing amount of crap that hasn't found a spot yet, but I have the attention span of a gnat, so, even though it bothers me, I don't seem to get going on them as I should. We have decided we WILL go and get cabinets, just haven't decided what kind. I like oak, and so does Mike, and believe it or not, there is A LOT of it around here, but he doesn't want to have to move it again. And we kinda both agree that this place is not our final destination, so ....... until we sort that out, we unpack what we need, and repack when we're done!

well, I think you're up to date again. And it seems as if I'm finally getting a handle on some sort of a schedule, so who knows..... I may just be back tomorrow! LOL

Stay safe, have fun, and "see" you soon!

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  1. Heavens, what a dilemma! Got to admit though that your description of how you sent your computer into nirvana cracked me up.
    Keeping my fingers Xed that you get all your messes sorted out eventually. Good luck.