Thursday, October 20, 2011


Well, not a whole lot has happened since we last talked. Been to  a couple of doctors, CityHall and Base, Slept thru the LifeBook Chat, found the school picture I wanted to use LAST week for Lifebook, am behind on my CT duties. Did make the pages for Ivy October Mega, but have a problem posting, Made 2 pages and 3 clusters for the Ivy Birthday Bash coming in November, (so come check it out). finally finished my pages for Ann (StarSongStudio) so..... Check out the pages I've been posting today :-)

StarSongStudio - Enchantment
I really like this page. The first picture my sister sent to me, the second, I was around when she took it. It is REALLY nice to be close again.  Puppy is really getting old. A couple of weeks ago, they were afraid they would have to say goodbye, but she pulled thru!

StarSongStudio - Blessings
Coming out next week at Heritage Scrap

IvyScraps Mega - Monster Mash
No Halloween pictures available you haven't seen yet, so..... fall pictures it is! I love fall, and Iowa was extra-ordinarily pretty during that time of year, so there are plenty of pictures......

StarSongStudio - Olde Tapestry
When we came home to say goodbye to Mom, I scanned a couple of pictures, thinking that would probably be the last time I was in any position to do so, but...... I'll be going back and see if I can talk Dad into loaning me some albums soon :-) These were pictures of their wedding. I have to figure out someday soon who's who..... Some I know, most I don't. I'm using this page for the "Parents" part of my LifeBook. Just haven't got it posted yet. This week is Siblings... No clue how to do that one yet :-)

StarSongStudio - Winter Symphony

StarSongStudio - Raspberry Truffle
This one doesn't really need an explanation, does it? LOL

IvyScraps Mega - Monster Mash
OK, just uploaded my Parents Page, and came to the sad conclusion that I have missed more than just ONE week of LifeBook Postings! Guess what I'll be doing the rest of today? LOL

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  1. For "not a whole lot has happened" ... you sure did get alot of pages done! They all look great! Could have done without seeing the winter photo... autumn is going bye so fast! I am so NOT ready for winter! I want a re-do button!