Saturday, October 15, 2011

Well, whattaya know....

It's been a while, but here I am again.

Had a busy week, and it seems like I did absolutely nothing... Ever had one of those? You're tired as all get out, constantly doing something it seems, and when someone asks "What did you do?"...... you can't figure out why it took you so long, to do so little?

Done a little housecleaning (took out another box, and kept up with the dustbunnies) fiddled with my growing pile of non-functional computers (Did I tell you that the laptop all of a sudden doesn't work either?), did some scrapping (tried to finish my page for "school days" as part of LifeBook, couldn't find the picture, gave up and made pages for other stuff) and the biggy, that had me worried to the point that even my partial functional brain was on overload........ The Doctors Visit....

Blood came back - and I quote the doc here - "absolutely perfect"! SUCH a relief!
Now I have to get used to the idea that I'm as normal as I'm going to get..... I have to tell myself, that I WILL get a cold, the flue, muscle and joint aches and infections, and that NONE of them mean that the cancer is back, while at the same time, keeping track of them, so I know when they seize to be "normal"....... and I can tell you right now, that being a worry wart does NOT help in separating the two!
But, it's another step, and one that I'm glad I'm able to take.

We were getting ready to adopt a kitty..... but let me start at the beginning.
At Mike's work, are a couple of wild cats. They keep the mouse population down, but somehow, the powers that be, think it's not a good idea to have them around.... (no accounting for the reasoning, but, that's the way it is) They had a nice black and white cat with a couple of kittens that hung around the warehouse, and somehow, one of them made it's way into the building about 10 days or so ago. Mom hung around a couple of days but eventually left, and that's when the traps came into play. Let me tell you, when Mike said that they were going to trap the little thing (about 6 weeks old) and bring it to the pound as part of the "base cat cleanup, I was very upset, and didn't have to do a whole lot of reasoning, pleading and begging for him to be talked into adopting the little one, once they got it. Or, at the very least be a foster-home for it, until it was used to humans enough to get a good home....
They set the trap up the first night and somehow the little tike got into the trap, ate and drank its fill, and disappeared before anybody got in in the mornings.... YEAY KITTY! I was hoping that maybe it would get tame enough to be "adopted" by the store, but Mike said there is an order on base that anybody caught feeding the cats (except for when you try to trap them) will be fired...... but I'm getting sidetracked.

The trapping attempt started last weekend, and Mike had been buying kitten-food for the trap so it wouldn't get sick from eating junkfood (they were going to put baloney and grown catfood in the bowl) Everyday, the can ended up outside the trap, without a kitten IN the trap. Until this morning.... Mike just called, and I could hear in his voice he was upset. He said that they caught the kitten, but it was so wild, you couldn't come within 10 feet of the cage, before it went berserk. He said there was no way we could keep it in our house. It was fighting the cage so bad, that it's little nails had blood on them. He covered the cage, and put it in a quiet corner to give it a little bit of rest, but I could tell he had a hard time with it. Between you and me, I don't think the pound is going to give it a whole lot of time, and it just breaks my heart. Mike had such a hopeful tone in his voice when he said that the animal control here seems a little bit more humane towards putting animals down, that I didn't have the heart to tell him what I was thinking....  Why am I telling you this? I really don't know. I need to tell someone I guess, so I can leave Mike alone when he get home. I know it bothers him as much as it does me, and there's no sense in making it worse for him, especially since he saw the little one.

The upside is, that Mike doesn't seem too opposed to adding a furball to the family... and that's a good feeling. Perky has been off lately. He lays with us, but he's upset about something. He doesn't miss the box, because it's closed off, but there's pee up all the walls of it when he gets out, and the vet told me that is a sign of stress. He's not eating right, and he keeps to himself more than he used to... All I can think of is the last week or so we had Boo... He would go off on his own and sleep..... while he used to sleep anywhere he could, as long as he was near one of us...... I'm not ready to loose another pet.......

Didn't mean to depress anybody, sorry about that. Just needed some things off my mind.

Have a good day, and hug a loved one, be it furry or human!

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