Saturday, October 1, 2011

If you're into genealogy.....

Go visit!
They have a special, where you can visit from october 1 thru 15 and search the "collection of the day" for free. They put a different collection up every day, that you can search, as well as enter into a drawing for a trip to a taping of "Who do you think you are"..... (I wonder if they would cover overseas travel.....)
Don't know what the collections are, but it is worth a look, at the very least! I know I'll be there.

The last Ivy-chat has my genealogy fire burning again. The fact that I actually found most of my genealogy research and have it handy plays a BIG role in that! LOL.

I was looking thru my moms tree yesterday, and I'm seriously considering renaging on my promise NOT to put genealogy on the Imac..... My yellow-box was condemned last week.... I broke down, and took it to a repair center, to have the keyboard checked out, which was free, BUT when I asked them to hook it up to the computer to see if there was a connection fragged.... THAT cost 20 Euro's.... JUST TO PLUG IT IN!!! His exact words were: "We can check the keyboard, there's no charge set for that, but if we have to plug in your computer to the outlet... that's 20 Euros"...... YEAH, I'm going to find a course in basic computer repair!! Until than, I don't have a computer of my own.  They did show me that there are no drives registered... I'm not excluding it, don't get me wrong, but unless I had a major brain-bubble and forgot to hook the drives up..... I'm at a loss as to why they wouldn't show up.

You know, I hear all over, in The States and here, of people that have a computer wiz in the family, or within their circle of friends. I must be traveling in the wrong circles, because where I travel... I'M the wiz! Scary thought, huh!?

Well, I have a date with a basket of laundry and a movie, just thought I'd let you know about the special at Ancestry. If you find something, I did my job :-)


PS: Yesterday was the final step in the Progressive Scrap at Digidesignresort... Here's the result:

Pictures are courtesy of my sister.


  1. Glad you´re happy with It´s been a thorn in my side ever since it excluded me from my 4th cousin´s tree, and despite getting a new invitation from her, it still won´t let me in. It DOES though keep sending me unsolicited ads. Grrr.

    You seem to have a sort of ongoing love/hate relationship with your computer!

  2. Hey, You're back!
    How was home? Email me?

  3. I'm usually not really happy with Ancestry either. As a matter of fact, I'll probably be the first one to tell you that it's not something I'd subscribe to LOL. They monopolize the information, that most of the time, they received thru volunteers, and charge thru the nose to look at it again..... To the point that in my book very few regular researchers can afford it, BUT, free is free. You just have to make sure you either print or save (or both) the information you find, because saving it on their site "for later examination", does NOT give you access to it after the free period!