Sunday, September 16, 2012

Well, well.....

it's been a while :-)
Been busy though. Made some pages, did a little family-tree research, visited with family, tried to work a job 2 days a week and keep up with the house.....
What I didn't do? Take enough rest, enjoy my fish-tank, take care of the daily cooking, take care of friends that needed a little extra TLC.
Not sure if this evens out in being a good person, but all I can say in my defense.... I have a thinking problem! LOL.

Serious though. Even though I am feeling A WHOLE lot better than when I started this blog, al little over 2 years ago.... I have a hard time getting some kind of a "regular" pattern going, mainly because I don't know what kind of a day I'm getting, until the day starts. This makes for re-adjusting plans, a lot, and rethinking how, when and how often things really get done that should be done more than once. Include Mikes schedule and my brain in the mix and you'll end up with a very "day to day" existence. It's not bad, really, but for me, being who I am, not having a schedule and too many things on the calendar for the functional time I have to do them in.... is frustrating. The good thing is... when I'm frustrated.... I scrap, or research :-)

Not sure where I was going with this, but.... I got some pages done! LOL Still looking for new pictures, but I found most of my photo-album bags, so even the older pictures are now being used :-) (When we moved, I stupidly took the photo albums apart, reasoning that just the pictures would take up less space than the whole album, so they're by "album" in a ziplock bag... AAAARGH!)

Ann has a new kit coming out, and I just got (kinda) done playing with it. It's called Nouveau Nostalgia. I can see it being use a lot in Mikes LifeBook album.  It's gorgeous! And I'm not saying that to advertise. I REALLY enjoy working with her stuff. She makes the kind of kits I would make, if I had the talent...LOL. Not sure yet where it's going to release (or I forgot) but her stores are


If you have time, check out her blog also... just to see what she's up to these days and to leave her a comment about her kits.

I've been looking for the wedding picture of my grandma and grandpa for a while, but finally found it the other day... right after I got the kit Golden Years from Boo. The kit will be out at the Studio on the 19th, so I hope she doesn't mind the preview, but I want to share :-)

This week also saw 2 new releases from her: Natures Charm and Last Summer. Both, as all her other kits, are available at The Studio

You already saw this, but since it's out..... I figure I remind you :-)

And, last but not least....
The new Mega over at Ivy is out. I had the Bingo page made, but forgot to send it in, and I'm still looking for the pictures I want to use for the other 2 pages... BUT, here's a preview of the kit

and you can find it here

Oh, and I almost forgot... the page I did with my sisters kids and the kit from Jessicas Sweet Nothings kit "Old Love" made LayOut of the Week over at Ivy..... Must have been the kids :-)

So, I think that's all the news from my corner of the world. I have some more scrapping to do, a little laundry to put away (which I REALLY think will keep till Monday) a fish tank to clean up, so I can clean the gravel in the morning, and a couple of episodes of America the Wild to watch..... Oh, what to do first...... the agony! LOL!

Don't forget to hug a loved one, enjoy the weather and I will "talk at ya" later :-)


  1. OK, a little advice on getting your priorities in the right order...Start with the TV prog accompanied by a large strong coffee and an even larger slice of something sweet and calorific. The coffee will keep you awake and all that sugar will give you the energy for all the boring tedious stuff. Learn from the expert in procrastination. With a little planning you can justify anything...

  2. You're back! :-)
    I like your thinking, and will adopt it.......
    There's always coffee on the stove, and I have stacked up on "tommies" which are mini tompoezen. They have been my favorite since I can remember, and dearly missed the last 2 decades, so...... They are in stock to get "re connected to Dutch customs" LOL.