Friday, August 31, 2012

went diggin'......

and found some pictures I think are "new to you" LOL

I missed Boolands new kit called Beachcombers, simply because I thought she was on vacation, and not being creative, so once I found out about it, I begged, and even said "pretty please" to play with it anyway, and this morning..... I found the links in my mailbox. Ain't that cool?!

Once I found them, I decided to heck with the chores today, I'll just clean the kitchen and hang laundry and than go ahead an play... and so I did.A BIG part of what made that decision so easy?  Outside is my favorite kind of weather..... RAIN, so inside, I have a scented candle burning, some Omnia on the I-pod-egg, hot chocolate with stroopwafels next to me on one side, and a very sleepy kitty on the other side.......... B L I S S !!!!!

Not all is well in my world though.
Found out yesterday that a dear friend has breast-cancer, so, if you have a chance, include her in your prayers tonight? I don't know if she would appreciate me putting it out there for everyone to see, so I'm not giving her name. I know, on the one hand, anybody expressing compassion at a time like this, is priceless, but for privacy sake...........   When I was in the hospital when I had cancer, and Mike came back after taking care of Perky, and renewing the rental car and said, "The crew at the car-rental place told me you were in their prayers" I started crying. I had never thought that people outside my immediate family would care, and it helped. And the fact that I could tell them "thank you" myself a couple of months later.... priceless! :-)  So, even though you don't know her name.... can you still put in a good word?

The other thing is our fuzzy room mate. He always likes to chew on things. Most of the time, we catch him before there is damage, to him or the "chewee", but yesterday morning, I noticed that the rubber band I have around my day-runner wasn't around my day-runner, and nowhere near it. So I called the vet to see what I should do, look for, worry about etc. Well, since I didn't see him eat it, just can't find it, she said to sit tight. She gave me some charcoal pills for him (which I went and got at a run, I might say) and instructions. After that, it's a waiting game. Chances are, if he doesn't have any signs of discomfort by Sunday, he's 99% out of the woods. We have to put the date on the calendar, so if anything goes wrong, we can tell the vet what happened when, and she'll go from there. Hopefully he'll be ok. If not, I'm going to have to borrow money to get him operated on.... but I will! I just don't think there's any harm in hoping I just misplaced the darn rubber band and I will find it in a month or 2.....

Worrying has the "advantge" that I don't sleep, so I DID do some scrapping too, to keep my mind from going into overdrive last night.....

2 pages are for Boolands Upcoming kit: "Last Summer" It gets released next week...... and 2 are with Beach Comber, that released last week......

BeachCombers kit.

Mike and the big pole are the only things NOT in the Beach Comber kit.
I recolored the rock from mainly grey to brownish, and added a little dirt to the beach.

The following pages are made with the upcoming kit, and both pages
need a little explanation :-)
I missed these typical Dutch treats SO BAD, that everytime we went for a drive, I  managed to
"navigate" Mike right by the Dutch mill in Illinois......  And ofcourse, once there,
 there was no reason NOT to pick up the stroopwafels.....Guilty, indeed! LOL

Snake Alley in Burlington was a wondrous little downhill.
7 switchback curves, with a total lenght of 275 feet....
We took the Van down it, and right in the middle of a twist, I begged
Mike to stop, so I could take a picture......
Poor guy!

The reason for the interesting bricklaying technique? So the horses wouldn't slide coming down and for extra traction going up! 
It's kinda hard to see, but they are set on the short side of the brick, and angled upwards. 
If you were to lay down, and look at the surfice, it looks like tiny little stairsteps. The most amazing part to me, is that it has been in place, and functioning for over 100 years..... 
Try that with tarmac! LOL

Well, gotta "get". Guilt is taking over, and I will try and get a couple more chores done. HA!

Don't forget to hug a loved one, say a prayer for everybody less fortunate than you, or whom you think could use the extra help, and enjoy your weekend. 

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