Monday, April 15, 2013

Catching up, while waiting

for the LifeBook chat over at Victorian Rose Designs. You see, now that I'm actually sleeping most nights, I don't seem to hear the alarm when it goes off at 2AM, so I decided I'm going to try and stay up tonight and see if I can catch the chat!

I've been busy, both scrapping, visiting and spring cleaning. I also set the oven on fire, but I swear, that was not my fault! LOL.

Lets start with the scrapping, shall we?

Ann has a new kit coming out, and I'm very happy with the way the pages came out. The kit is called TeaTime Garden, and it is gorgeous! It will come out on the 18th, so I will post the pages Thursday or Friday.

In the meantime, and just because the kit may show up in the store early..... It's coming to her stores: 


Boo has been busy, as always. I'm slowly coming to the realization that I can not, and will not be able to keep up with her, so I'm starting to actually decline to work some of the kits. Not because I wouldn't want to, but because there is no way I have enough time in a day. LOL

She is making ready to plop pictures in albums, and I absolutely adore them. Sofar, there's  5. Two of them are not just templates, but quickpages. 2 are templates and one is the Synergy 365 album. I'm trying to use at least one double page per kit, but I noticed that I have very few pictures that would do the pages justice. I'll keep trying though :-)

The pages are from Let's make an Album #1, the kit used is the March Synergy kit.
Pictures are taken the first Easter we were back in Holland.

Pages are from Let's make an Album #5, the kit used is the April Synergy Kit.
Pictures are from our visit to the TutAnchAmun exhibit in Amsterdam. I'm not really happy with the page, but I LOVE the colors on the black background. Like I said, I don't have the pictures to do the pages justice.

The kit Japanese Whispers. I tried to take pictures of some of our Singapore pictures, but it didn't work, so I left the picture off. 

IvyScraps ..... The bingo pages are done, as well as one and a half of the pages for the Mini Pixels. Go check out the forum, and participate in some of the challenges.... It's fun! :-)

Now for the oven story.....
I was hungry, we were out of bread (unless you count the fuzzy things I found in the breadbox) so I wanted to make a  couple of bread rolls you finish baking in the oven. I did what I needed to do, and went about my chores, until I smelled something, and it wasn't fresh baked bread! When I walked in the kitchen, I saw a flickering in the over, and knowing it's an electric oven, and I wasn't burning a candle anywhere.... it freaked me out severely. I can't work the fire-extinguisher we have, so I contemplated throwing water on it, baking soda, or just leave the oven door shut, and hope it would die on its own.....
So I left the door closed, and stood, wondering if that was really the best action.  Between the flame and the bread rolls was a layer of silver-foil, and the tray was on the lowest setting, so it didn't have a whole lot of room, or anything left to burn. I have still no idea how a couple of breadcrumbs on the heating-bars would ignite like that, but I won't have to explain that as soon as the oven was cooled down, it received the cleaning of a lifetime!

I'm wussing-out on the chat, and going to bed afterall. I'm so tired. Have been overstretching capabilities this week, and it's catching up with me. Had a headache for the last 2 days, so I'll call it good, and catch you up properly tomorrow, or Thursday on the parts I missed tonight. Mike and kitty left hours ago, and should be well established in dreamland by now so I'm going to see if I can catch up. Seems a shame to give up this close to chat time, but I can hardly keep my eyes open, or concentrate, so........... night all :-)


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  1. Congrats on managing to set your oven on fire. I´ve never quite managed this myself though I´ve had a few close calls. There´s no better way of heating up a kitchen on a cold day. At Christmas time you could try setting the tree on fire by using real candles and leaving them to their own devices. That´s guaranteed to heat up the entire house. Suffer from cold feet at night? Try smoking a pipe in bed. That works better than any electric blanket.

    (Sorry about that. I think I´m over-tired too.)