Friday, April 26, 2013

Woeff, it's been a hectic week....

Had my bloodletting done this past Monday. All is well :-)
Honestly, it is such a relief. I had a very extensive list of questions for the doctor, including the difference in check ups, which freaked me out, and he explained things, why he doesn't do what I was used to in the states, what they are checking etc. He also told me that if things didn't feel right, regardless of the bloodtest results, he would do more extensive checks. All those answers make me more at ease that they won't miss things, although I am acutely aware that there is no guarantees with cancer, no matter what you do. BUT.... Instead of a new chapter, I started a new book! LOL. So, on to life and living it.

This good news also made me tired....... Don't laugh! :-) I had not realized I had slept so little and Monday night, I was OK, but Tuesday is when the fun started. I fell asleep in the middle of the day, and with the kitty snuggled up tight, I slept a good 2 hours. I went to bed around 9ish at  night, and slept till 5 in the morning, Wednesday, same thing. Thursday, I drove up to see my dad, (couple of hours drive, plus the visit) and fell asleep on the way home after Mike got off work (he was driving, by the way LOL), got half way thru my salad and went to bed by 8.15. Actually made it to the chat, (after Mike woke me up, because he couldn't reach the alarm under my pillow, and I didn't hear it go off) but went back to bed at 4 and got up around 8.30, just in time to see Mike off to work 10 minutes later. So here I sit. Still bone tired, but at the same time rearing to go. Make sense?

Now that I've updated you on things that are on my mind, we can move on to important things:-)

Heritage Chat over at Ivyscraps..... we got some awesome information, but I don't remember, so I'm going to have to go to the forum and print it out. LOL There were websites for research that were free to use, and a bit of information I think, if you're having to dig in Texas, you'll want to know..... They are trying to pass a bill that would limit access to birth and death records for respectively 75 and 50 years. Which would effectively eliminate access to 2 generations, since the census is a secret for 70 years also.  So if you have family there, or know somebody who does... get to those archives before they are no longer accessible. Supposedly, they are trying to eliminate identity theft, but with everybody and his uncle having access to socials and maiden names...... It's bulshit! Pardon my french. Most identity thefts occur thru online hacks and credit cards..... going thru birth-/death records would be way too labor intensive!  BUT I digress........ The kit we received for showing up is sooooo nice :-) 
I played with it a bit....

The kit is by WaiteForTheMoment designs, but JAN is  how we know her. LOL
Not sure if the kit will be in the store, never thought to ask, (I will, here in a bit) but even than, go take a look at her store. There's nice things there .......

 I also found out that a bill was sneaked thru congress, allowing government agencies, not only thru subpoena (which would need probably cause and a judge) but ANYTIME they want, access to your accounts and emails. This is scary to me. ANYBODY working for the government can get to it? REALLY!? Whatever happened to the freedom of speech and the right to privacy? Is that just for "other" people and "not so much" for regular people anymore? God forbid a criminal would have his email checked without a court order.... anything found would be dismissed from evidence, but they can check on anybody that's just going about life, with its opinions (like this one) and remarks without a problem. It's already to the point that you have to watch what you say in public in private conversations, because some Nosy Nelly that listens in on the conversation that's not meant for them in the first place, could possibly get offended, and now you have to watch what you write in emails?  I sure hope that they never invent telepathy that can be taught.... everybody would land in jail for what they were thinking at one point or another....... Sorry for the rant, and I  hope it won't come back to bite me somewhere, but it seems that in our race to protect our freedoms, and in search of people who threaten it, we lost it. Not thru terror, but thru rules....... I wonder what's next. Potential employers already have the right to do a credit check. What the ????? Does being short of money make me a worse employee, does it automatically make me a candidate for stealing? What does it matter what I have in the bank or how I have to juggle the bills to get them all paid, eventually..... If I show up for work, and do an honest day work..........Is that not why I get paid? Creditworthyness, or bankaccounts should not be an issue when looking for work. Is the next step that employers can access your email, to see who you write and what you say? I don't think I'm paranoid, and I definitely don't keep secrets, but I like my private life to be just that... PRIVATE!!! Or at least as private as I want it to be :-)
'nuff said.

Ann will have a new kit out shortly, it is called Raindrops  On Roses. IT IS GORGEOUS!!!! As soon as I get the green light, I will post the information, but think dreamy, pinks in all shades and the impression that you can really smell the roses! :-)

Did I show off her kit Teacup Garden yet?  I'm still working on a page, because I couldn't put the kit to bed, but I'm not getting down on the page what I'm visualizing, so that one will show up later.....


Pictures on both pages were taken at the rosefestival in Lottum, last year. It just seemed to fit the kit.
The cameraman did not do justice to the displays. I'll have to learn. (Not being able to bend down and get back up, may have influenced it a little, but that, also, will be worked on)

The kit is available at her stores:




Booland Designs has been busy, and I got to play with maybe half of what she put out sofar this month. Working on the pages for MAY SYNERGY, but can't show them to you yet. You'll see in a couple of days.... Probably around the 2nd of May or so.... There's also some stuff coming up, but I have no details yet, so as soon as I'm "free to blabber" I will :-)

Meanwhile, go check out the kits, that belong to these pages. 

My Old Jalopy hit the store today. I love the colors in it. And it has car parts! :-)
Old cars found in a parkinglot in Iowa. Wish we could have taken them home......
Telephone pole and tires are part of the kit. 
Statue in front of the Scholte Huis in Pella.

There are new One Page Wonders, (#56 thru 59) but I haven't played with them yet. You can find them in the New Release section of Boolands Store. I DID play with a couple older ones though......

The armor is not part of the kit, but I extracted it from one of my pictures.
So, as you can tell, I'm a little behind.......

Combination page of ONE PAGE WONDERS 56 thru 59
Blame it on the blond thing........ I HAVE them, just forgot I did! I am such a ditz sometimes. LOL
I made this page to get a feel for the kits, and completely spaced it after that! I have the PSD's sitting in my TO DO folder, just never went back to them. Some people....... (Insert a deep, deep sigh and a headshake here!)  

JAPANESE WHISPERSI can't find the picture I want to put with this page, so I left it as a QP.

My niece is fishing for brine shrimp at the North Sea coast in October to feed her pufferfish.
When asked how she liked it, all she said was "it was COLD!"

Picture was taken by my sister on her trip to Scotland.


So, I think you're caught up again. 

Tomorrow is World Tai Chi day. It's celebrated at the same place it was last year, and I intend to hit the right button this time, and tape the Qi Chung excercises, so I can start practicing them daily. That, together with the good news of the beginning of the week, my upgraded mental wellbeing and the promise to go walking at least every other day..... Should be a good restart :-)
Now if I can only forget where I put the chocolate.......... LOL

That's it for me for today. Don't forget to hug a loved one, and have a great weekend.


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