Saturday, May 4, 2013

I just remembered....

I was putsing around on the blog, and just noticed that I got my 4 seasons complete on the Castle ruin.
(and I was thinking I had my brain back. HAH!)

I know it's international scrapbooking day, and there are lots of good deals to be had, but this seems to be the weekend that every site I try to go to, refuses to let me in. Bugger! Oh well. Mike will be pleasantly surprised that dinner is ready when he gets here, after all.

I cleaned house, got all the paperwork out of every corner of the house, and will tackle that tomorrow. It will be separated into 3 initial piles: throw away (should have probably happened long time ago)
                                                            do something with it (probably a bill that needs paying or forms that need filling out to keep us more or less out of trouble on one thing or another)
                                                            file This is usually my favorite thing, because it means I'm done with it, and I can happily forget it ever existed. But, since I have no filing cabinet anymore, it is going into  binders. It's a bearcat to file that way. Not only do I need to poke, and re-inforce the holes,(page by page) I have to wade thru 5 binders to find the right spot to put it in and put it there. This system is also the main reason that there is such a stack of it. I hate it! :-)

Our car has developed a little bit of a problem the last week or so..... The gas sticks. Not to the point that you go faster, but the engine revs so hight, you'd swear we're going to take off to the moon. Once you shut it off and coast for a bit (not real handy on the freeway doing 120) it will behave for a bit, but inadvertently, it will do it again. There's different opinions out there on what the cause is. The throttle control sensor, the fuse, the throttle housing, the wiring, and for some odd reason, one person suggested the clutch palte. So, needless to say, we're calling the garage Monday morning early. And not the one that did the tune-up. We pulled the fuse, but it didn't do any good. Than, we were going to buy the sensor, because the most people came back with that being the problem, (and we wouldn't have to wait for the garage to get the part) but because it is an electronic part, they will not take it back if that's not the problem. I know if it IS the problem, and the garage has to supply the part, it will be a lot more than the 65 Euro's and possibly an extra day without the car, but since there is no guarantee OR return..... we'll deal with it when it hits.
The car is also due for an APK, and they're a lot more fussy here than in the US, so we have to make sure the little aubergine is in top shape, but there is a catch. Bluebook value was 1400 Euros, last summer. By now, it turned over 100K miles, and it's a year older, so how much do we want to put in it? On the upside, if we put the cost it would run to pass APK and the trade-in value together, maybe we can upgrade to a car with powersteering. On the downside... I really enjoy driving it, and the newer cars (year 2000 and up) all have this great invention of start control. This means, if you're stopping, so does the engine. You have to depress the clutch to make it start again. In my opinion, that's going to eat a lot more gas than stopping at the end of the street, making sure you're not getting plowed, and going about your business. It's a lot more frustrating, because traffic is so dense that sometimes you have this little window to cross, and if you have to wait for the car to wake up..... Let's just say that I'm beginning to understand why people here just go, and deal with the consequences later.  It does it on lights, turns, anytime when the car does not move. awesome! I don't know who figured this was a good thing, but I think he didn't drive himself.

Gearing up for ISD, the designers have been busy. Me? Not so you'd notice! :-)
I had a bunch of pages done, for several kits but I cannot find any of them. I hoped to still have the PSD files somewhere, but no luck, so I'm trying to recreate them........ Somehow, they never look the same, and I'm not happy with them so far, so I'm going to leave them be, and look at them in a day or so, and maybe they'll either look "up to par", or I'll do a from the ground up rebuild on them. Computers....... they're supposed to keep track of things, not lose them!

Boo is guest over at SBB better knows as ScrapBookBytes. She has a new kit for that, besides her other ones, of course.  It's called Fisherman's Rest.
I played with it a little, couldn't find the picture I had in mind, and had to change gears, again :-)

There is an added bonus to this..... you can win this kit.......
kit preview

Picture my sister sent a couple of years ago from the family vacation on Texel.
Her May Synergy kit is out, but I do not have the pages done yet, so I will catch up on those in a little while, and post them separately, but I will let you feast your eyes on them a bit. LOL

Page kit
The Walk, is also in the SBB store

Ann, from StarSongStudio's also has a new kit out.... Raindrops and Roses. I am completely in love with it...... The second page is somewhere in lala-land, so I hope you hae a good impression of the kit.

For sale at Escape and Scraps

Well, it's Midnight, the Kentucky Derby is not televised here, I'm not done with the chores for the day yet, but I think I'm going to call it a day anyway...... Set the coffee ready for morning, check the kitty spots, make sure there's nothing loose that may cause him any harm when he gets the crazy fives, and see if I can wake up when the alarm goes off at 5. Mike has to go to work, so I'll catch up with the "need to's" than.

Night all, don't forget to hug that loved one!

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