Thursday, August 8, 2013

It took a little longer than planned....

but I'm back :-)

Household chores is still a "no go", but with the heat we've been having, neither one of us really minds. It's been a hundred, and close to it for 3 weeks now, and between you and me............ it's getting soooooo old!
I don't do the heat well since Chemo, and not feeling right, does NOT improve that experience any. Plus it's slowly sinking in that I'm housebound again when Mike is at work. I was thinking the other day..... once I feel better, and it cools down, I can go to Margraten, and walk the cemetery, only to come to the realization that the 25 minute car ride got replaced by a 3 hours combined bus and train trek. If I leave at 9 (the earliest my train pass will let me travel) I'm there at about 12, and they close at 4.30, getting me home around 8..... NOT an option! I could probably ride a bike faster.Oh well.

The wing is feeling a little better.... I can hunt and peck for the keys on the keyboard, since not all my fingers are useable yet. They're getting there, they're just taking the slow road. LOL

We canceled vacation, much to my sjagrin, but it might have been a good decision..... It's kind of sloppy to fall asleep while you're in a museum because of the painkillers. :-) We didn't reschedule yet, but we may take a day here and there and "go do something" We were only going to be gone for 4 days, 3 nights hotel, even with the best deals, is pretty much our limit, and not knowing what was going to happen with the car, our part, if it would get fixed etc.... it was the right decision to make, but it was made under protest! LOL. Mike didn't mind too much... he got to catch up on his SIMS game, me, I slept a lot. I'm on the fence whether it was a waste of vacation time, but Mike seemed ok with it, and I can't shove him out the door and tell him to go work just because we're not going away:-)                                                                             

As promised, here are the pictures of the Ka. Poor thing. It really deserved a better life.

High centered, but it looks ok. I figured at that point that the radiator busted, maybe the oil pan sprung a leak,  but all would be well once it hit the garage....
Everything still looked ok.....

Once we looked at it in the tow yard
The damage is a little bit more glaring

You had to add the sign?

The thing that ticks me off
Damage done by the straps. The garage thought somebody tried to get in with a crowbar....
'nuf said?
If they EVER tell you there will be no damage....

Also got a call from the insurance adjuster...... The little aubergine is toast. Even though the day value last year, was 1400Euro, they're only giving us 500 for it now. (They say it's the whole "year older, more miles" thing, but I think it's an "the less we have to pay, the better we like it" thing) That is including the 800 it cost us to redo the brakes and the 4 new tires in June to make sure it would make APK, the new exhaust, the front struts and all the other things we have done to it since we bought it. Although, I think I may have ruined the wheel alignment ever so slightly....  After we had the brakes done, we figured, well, we pretty much have a new car....... Nah! Should have known better! LOL. 

The airfilter and sparkplugs, as well as the fluids we bought the weekend before the accident to do an oilchange/tune-up will be donated to the neighbor. She has the same color/year KA. She would have took the KA to swap some of her not-so-good parts for ours, but her ex was having a hissyfit, so she backed out. It would have been nice to help her out, we just can't afford to keep it. As long as it is in our name, it has to be insured, road tax paid etc, plus we would have to pay for it to be taken to the dismantlers when she was done with it........ and with the 500 we get for it...... we'd have to add money to the deal. Mike said if we would have a garage, or somewhere where we could part it out, and sell the parts she doesn't need, he would, but right now it's a hassle we don't need, so as soon as all the paperwork is where it needs to go, I'll have to say goodbye to my little rucksack.

It's kind of weird though, because from what I understand, it is not going to a scrapyard, but a garage and they're only paying 180Euro's as "rest value" according to the insurance. So it could very well be that I see it drive once again..... Happy thoughts, keeping happy thoughts :-)  I'll run it thru the RDW (Dutch equivalent of the DMV) in a couple of months, and see what pops up ....

Well, I have 2 hours to get dinner on the table..... and it's going to take me that long, so I'm saying "good night" for now. 

Don't forget to hug a loved one!

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