Saturday, August 24, 2013

Still here....

Just really quiet.....
I know, that's is SO not like me!
Did get some scrapping and sorting in general done, so I'm not too bummed out about my absence.

Our Ka is no more. We got the paperwork saying it has been picked up by the salvager. It was kind of funny. It's the same garage that sold my sister her first car! I checked their website and I have to think that they are fixing it up for resale. There are no purple Ka parts for sale in their salvage section, there is no purple Ka for sale as a complete salvage vehicle, but there's no purple Ka for sale second hand yet either, so who knows. I hope that the next owner has as much fun with it, as I did, and it keeps them as safe as it did me, and gets treated right. The little rucksack deserves it.

On the scrapping front........
I finally figured out how to make a signature for postings..... about time, after almost 4 years, don't you think?

Anne from Star Song Studio has a couple of new kits out, since we last talked.

Remember this day

Sea Passage

She had a freebie Facebook Fan kit, that I played with.....
It is called
  Bright Blooms

I also just realized that all pages are almost identical. Funny, because they were not made at the same time. Must have had some cobweb stuck in my brain somewhere. LOL

She has an awesome kit coming out, that I can't tell you about yet, but it is N I C E !!! Can't wait to show it to you.

Boo is back from vacation, and thank god for small favors. Her vacation gave me time to catch up with the kits I agreed to work with. However............ I found a brand new kit in the bin this morning, so... no rest for the wicked. Mike is off tomorrow and Monday, so I won't be on the computer much. This will have either of 2 reasons.... He'll be playing The SIMS, or we'll be gone LOL. Either way, it will be Wednesday at the earliest before I can get to it...... But I can't show it to you anyway yet, so this whole conversation is a mute point.

The kits I caught up with:

AUGUST Mega over at the Studio is called Driftwood Beach and I got to play with Boo's kit....



We were going to go away for a couple of days, the week after I had the accident, but we had to call it off. I was SOOOO bummed! I was going to show Mike my favorite area of Holland, we were going to stay in an old Sheepfarm, watch the blooming heather, visit our oldest monolith burial site, and spend some time in a replica of a East India Company's 3 master........ None of that happened, but we did go out to the zoo one day, and Brussels on another.  The zoo is near wear my sister lived when the kids were really little (read less than a year, and 3) and it was worth the trip. The zoo, like most, is divided by continent, but the approach is totally unique. Instead of just the name of the animal, with not a whole lot of information, they have "did you know" signs surrounding the area's. The asia part has a schoolhouse, rice patches, streets and buildings through out the whole area, ant they're working on similar things for the others. It is really a cool place. If you ever are in the neighborhood, I suggest a visit. 

One Page Wonder mix: 
Red, White and Blue


In the country

Essence of Me

Springs Awakenings (one page wonder)



I messed up on the journaling... We were his 4th home before his 3rd birthday!

My Old Jalopy

One Page wonder:
Spring Breeze

One Page Wonder #73

Now, I didn't do all these pages since I last visited. Some were done a while back,and I hadn't posted them yet, but they are not new releases. Either way, they are new to my blog. LOL

This kit was offered to Boo's Blossems for a new designer over at The Digital Scrapbooking Studio.
Jilberts Bits of Bytes. It is called Flower Power, and I absolutely adore it!

Just realized that it's past midnight here. Mike and the fuzzy roommate have retired a long time ago, so I best check the box for litter critters, and hit the rack as well.

Don't forget to hug a loved one!


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