Thursday, August 29, 2013

Twice in one week.....

Could I possibly be back on some kind of schedule? LOL
We'll see in a week or 2 if I'm still sorted.

Ann has her new kit released. Remember, the one I was all excited about?
It's called  DOGTALES.  Since we don't have a dog, and I never got 'round to taking pictures of Whisper......... I used the next best thing. No, not Perky. That would just be odd ROFL!
I used my teddybear collection :-)
I didn't realize Perky was part of the scene when I took the picture. It was kind of a hard time for me, (they couldn't come to Holland with us, and we gave them to the Childrens' Hospital) and I was mostly concerned with getting all of them in frame, which didn't quite work, so I'm missing a couple of the fuzzies..... It was a good cause, and they were very happy to get such a stash, but it took me 20 years, and a lot of trips and special occasions to  get them all together........

I DO love the kit though!

so here is an overview of what I couldn't fit on the page....

working on a page for Boo, that is sooooo right up  my alley ;-)
I think it is due to come out tomorrow, so I'll be back with it, as soon as it hits the stores.

I promised Mike I would have the house picked up a bit. I'm going thru boxes, so I can thin out things a little, before we move again. No plans yet, but I  KNOW it's coming, so I might as well get ahead of the game, right? The upside is that I combined 3 boxes and 2 bags into a little over 2 boxes. The downside is....... I need to do something with the box, and the left overs before I forget what is what, and combine them again........ (Wouldn't be the first time, so why take the chance)
He's having a short day today, and will be home at 4...... They're almost done redoing the store, and than, hopefully we'll have a little better handle on his hours and days work/off. Until than, he tells me at night how early/late he has to work :-)

 It's time to take the cat for a walk and finish up when I get back.
Don't forget to hug a loved one!


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