Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I think I'm caught up

with all my required things, except the house chores ROFL!

The Birthday Bash at The Studio is in full swing. The Lay Out Contest, designer challenge and I believe the photo challenge, have public voting, so if you have time... go look at the galleries and vote for your favorite? If you don't want to vote, go look anyway. There are some amazing things to see!

Personal challenge update:
- I started on the scavenger hunt, but haven't added anything since my last post.

Mike and I went for a walk the other day. We needed out of the house for a bit, so we went to the Brunssumer Heide. It's about 10 minutes from the house, so it wasn't an all day thing, but we managed to get about an hour of fresh air into our system inbetween the rains. The heather has been blooming, and I finally got to go see it. I always loved the fields of purplishpink, but never seem to be able to catch it at its peak LOL. It is so funny though. If you look at the total picture..... the blooming heather shows as purple, but if you get closer, and look at the individual flowers... they're bright pink...

- The Photo Contest was all about fall colors, or at least Color, so...... This is the picture I posted for the Photo Contest:

- The Lay Out Contest is interesting. The kit to be used is Holiday Hoopla, and the assignment is to make 2 pages. One holiday themed, one absolutely not, and one needed a photo treatment done to at least one of the pictures...... 

Boo has a couple of new kits coming out, and I can actually show you one of them already......
Its not out at The Studio yet, but it IS in the Scrap Book Bytes store: It's called Rainfall.
We've had a good deal of that in the last 10 days or so. The geese have gone south already, and the leaves are starting to turn. Rumor has it, that we are in for a heck of a winter. IF that is correct, I can make new snow pictures LOL. But I'm getting ahead of myself.....

The Kit can be found here

Memory Keepers is out at The Studio. I absolutely love the kit. I think it will see A LOT of use in the family tree pages........

everything is from the kit only

everything is from the extra's. 

I think you're "up to date" with these postings. And since it's almost time to get up, I think I will go to bed for a little while. The mechanical alarm goes off at 5 (Mike has an early day) and when the fuzzy alarm will go off is anybody's guess. In all probability, it should go off any minute LOL.

Don't forget to hug that loved one! :-)

Love and hugs,

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  1. What beautiful layouts you create. I particularly like Souvenir, maybe because it has such an impressive 3D look to it. Keep up the good work!