Saturday, October 5, 2013

Lots done.... more to go!

Is that nog how that goes?
Here it seems to. LOL. The more I get done, the longer the list of "still to get to" gets....... It seems that everything I tackle, has 8 things attached to it, that need doing too.  Anybody have any hints on how to streamline!?

Called the vet to get some relief for our fuzzy roommate. He has licked both his hindlegs hairless, and there are some spots where it has started to bleed. No idea how long he has been working on it, but I don't think it has been very long, because as close as he sticks to us, we would have noticed before it got this bad. Result.... After I'm done here, I'm off to go pick up his cream, which undoubtedly will lead to a wrestling match, with both of us equally greased up. LOL
Vet thinks its an allergy, and asked if we treat him for fleas..... we don't, so we're not sure what it can be attributed to.
The other result will be, that I will wash his bedding, mop the floors with vinegarwater, just in case it's the regular floorcleaner, and keep him inside. If none of this helps, we will have to figure out what else he comes in contact with, that he doesn't always come in contact with..... Quietly, I'm hoping for dry skin because of the weather, but I don't know at this point.

Ann from StarSongStudio is AWOL.... She, husband and pup are enjoying a very much needed time off at her daughters, and as soon as she's rested, refueled and back.... I'll have something to play with in no-time, and subsequently, show you. LOL

Boo has been Boo. Busy as always. I really can't keep up with that girl, so I just quietly plot along. However, I did collect a couple of pages for you to look at......


Combination page CT-LifeBook.
 One Page Wonder #97:

Love the cinnamon colors
 One Page Wonder #96
My favorite picture of mom.

From dream to reality.
I have no pictures to do the kit justice, so I opted for a poster.

I'm kind of AWOL from Ivy. I no longer am a full fledged CT member, but I (try to) help out Jan, by doing the IvyLeaves (almost done for this month :-)!) and right now, I'm downloading some of her kits, so I can take up my duties as her CT.
So, you'll still see me floating around there, just different ROFL.

Mike is at work. They only have a couple of days left to clear the building, and than, the move to the main store is complete and final. I already miss the old building, and so does everybody on the team. It was nice, roomy, clean and lively. The mainstore, I don't think has seen a broom since they fired the cleaningcrew last year. It's dingy, cramped, and if I were in charge, I would have moved it into the other building, instead of adding the PXtra to the smaller building.... When I'm waiting for him to get off work now, I have to sit in the car, where as at the other building, I could wait in the breakroom wich was nice in summer AND the winter.... and it means I will have to figure out how to stretch things I need to do on base to fill up his work hours. Definite bummer!  There is a distinct difference in departments too. The parts that came with his crew, are stocked, fronted, organized, no other boxes anywhere but where they are stocking, and, odd as it may sound..... there's people on the floor to ask where to find things! I shouldn't say anything, really, because it IS mikes work and I don't want him to get in trouble, so this is the last you'll hear about it. He started around 6.30, and he should be home nice and early.... I think there's a movie playing on base tonight that he's been wanting to see, meaning we may just boogie out of here for dinner too :-)

Our fuzzy roommate has dissappeared, but the bedroom closetdoor is ajar, so I have a good idea where he went to. That will change as soon as I start lunch, which is, right after I hit publish on this puppy LOL. I was wondering how I could be hungry already, until I noticed that it is almost noon, and I had breakfast at 5 this morning..... Time is flying, and YES! I'm having fun.

Don't forget to hug a loved one, enjoy whatever weather you're having and I will bug you later, hopefully with more pages, an empty to-do list and plans for tomorrow, so I can tell you "I'm all caught up!"      Stop laughing! It could happen.....


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