Thursday, October 3, 2013

Perky is a south-paw!

No kidding.
Don't know what made me pay attention, but the other day I was wondering whether animals favor a side. I know horses do, because some are just a bearcat to turn one way, while they're smooth as silk going the other. LOL I figured it's a muscle thing, and was wondering, since Perky uses his paws like we use our hands, if the same held true for him. (I know, my mind works in mysterious ways, right?)
Anywho.... I started watching Perky going about his business of opening cabinets, swatting at Eeks (his "pet" mouse with catnip) his rabbit (with a catnip pouch) and his stick of dynamite (the only explosive is Perky when he plays with it, since its a solid block of catnip ROFL) and he always starts out with his left paw and reaches for them coming down with his left paw too. He only uses his right if his left can't reach. It's funny to watch him open the door, because he just hooks his claws around the corner, and pulls, but always the left one...... Even  unlocking the deadbolt he does left "handed"..... Now, reading this back, it sounds like we have a little dopefiend fuzzy roommate, but he really only plays with one of them at a time, and most of the time, they're all in a cabinet, in a plastic bag..... so he doesn't stumble thru the house like a stoner. Honestly! LOL. We've seen him high on medicines after he ate the Easter Lily, and we don't want that to happen, just for fun, so you can rest easy.

So, now that I have that little bit of useless information out of my system.....
Have you been playing at the studio last month? I have, a little, and it was fun! And there's another party in the works over at Ivy Scraps next month! WHOOHOO!!! Can't wait :-)

I forgot to post a couple of pages, so I'll catch you up real quick, and than I'll start on the Ivy Leaves proces. I'm starting to realize first hand how much work goes into running our playgrounds, so it runs seamless, and I have a renewed respect for all that Jan, Toiny and Rebecca do to keep everything running smooth, so all we have to do is park our hineys and play! :-)


BooLand Designs part of The Studio's Megakit for September
Bohemian Fall

BooLand Designs One Page Wonder that compliments her kit
I don't know what I have been busy with, I just know that these 2 have been sitting, ready to go, without a picture, for about a month. I thought I would post them as QP, but wasn't sure that was the right thing to do, so I found pictures for them, finally.
The picture of Perky, my cousin took while visiting. NOW I can see the difference between a nice SLR digital, and my little point and shoot. Even with the bells and whistles, it does most things very well, but I can't take pictures like this, without washing out the details, somehow.
The lower picture was taken at the Terra Cotta Warrior exhibit. I thought it was kind of interesting to see the pieces of the clay figures, as well as the whole figurines. 

Now, I thought I had more lay outs I hadn't shared, but I cannot put my grubby little hands on them right now, so I'll have to save them for a later date.

For me, it's off to "work" now, so I can make a couple of people happy with a coupon, and Jan for not getting a headache this month from people asking where the coupons are. LOL!

Don't forget to hug that loved one?

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