Tuesday, September 27, 2011

All caught up

Well, today was kinda productive :-)

I caught up with LifeBook, added 2 pages for Ann's new kit called Winter Symphony. Not sure where it's going on sale yet. Haven't checked, just started playing.

BUT, (and isn't there always one.... LOL)  I haven'g gotten a stitch of progress on the boxes!

Here are the pages I made. The one with my birth announcement I REALLY like, just don't ask who's stuff I used on any of them. It's SO much fun to just pull things that you like together, without having to worry who they're by. 
I know, I'm a bad girl, but there you have it. If you're interested in what I used, shoot me an email, and I'll find out :-)

The postcard I found on Google. I'm going to try and take the same pictures.....

This postcard, I also found on Google. Couldn't believe my eyes that it had our house on it.

This page, I DO know who's stuff I used. It's StarSongStudio's Winter Symphony
Well, it's off to bed for me. Gotta go to class tomorrow morning. Be there at 9, and  at least an hour and a half ttravel followed by a 20 minute walk, so up early, get ready, try not to wake Mike so he can sleep for nightshift, and hopefully make the class and be back in time to fix dinner, so we can eat at 3 and Mike can leave at 5, to get home at 3AM on Thursday...... Thank God for day runners!!


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