Thursday, December 6, 2012


That's what it looks like outside. Just a dusting of snow, nice pink sun-up bouncing off ice crystals and colder than the inside of the freezer. LOL

First things first. I heard last night, that if there is a even the hint of a thought that you want to start a cookbook, or give out the recipes to those home made goodies...... You should seriously go look over at The Studio.

Booland Designs has THAT MAGIC PUDDING as the DEAL OF THE DAY!

Go to the store
This is for some incentive to go check it out.....

I had SOOOO MUCH fun playing with this kit. I went waaaaaaay over what the CT requirements are, and I'm still not out of ideas!  But there are more kits to play with and the Point In Time challenge to set up, so I had to stop. LOL

You may know by now, that I love winter, christmas and cooking. One, is never certain we will get, especially in Holland, one is a GIMME, and one is dependent on budget, health, space and opportunity. Now that I know that our little oven will "do" cakes, I'm on my way to trying cookies. Years ago, I found this Pillsbury cookie cookbook in the library in Hiawatha that had all the award winning recipes in it. I would SO love to have that, but it is out of print, and being where we are, I don't see that I'll bump into it in a secondhand bookstore, but I DO look regularly if it is available for download somewhere..... Maybe I should email Pilsbury....... (That Just got added to the TO DO list :-)..)
Anyway, I wrote out a couple of the REALLY REALLY good ones, and some of them ended up on my pages for the kit. If you're interested, I will ask Boo if I can give the page away "as is", if that's not an option, I will post the recipe as a pdf for download.

the plate with cookies is not part of the kit. They're the ones I baked. 

After posting this, I will be getting double dressed, grab the camera, and go wandering about the neighborhood. There is a wooded area about 2 blocks away that I've been wanting to explore, and today is a great day to give that a try...... These may be the only snow pictures I will get this winter, so I don't want to miss out on them. Later, when he's all napped out, if it is still light when that happens, I will take Perky for his first ever walk in snow..... although I was hoping that it would snow on a day that Mike is off, so he can do the leash-thing and I can do the camera-thing, and with a bit more snow so it's not just cold, but actually fun for the fuzzy roommate to go out in ........ so maybe I will wait on that for a bit and instead concentrate on where I want to put the Christmas Tree! I'm running late. The weekend after Thanksgiving, my normal time to set up the tree, things just didn't go as planned, and it was one blur of running around. Last weekend, I had Sinterklaas at my sisters, and this week..... I'm not sure what happened, but I DO know what didn't happen .... right.... decorating for Christmas. So, I will sit down and do some planning! Oh boy.........

Well it's time to get going for me...... don't forget to hug that special one at least once today!

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