Monday, October 17, 2016

It's over

for me at least. I didn't advance to the next round in teh LayOut Artist challenge. There were a lot less voters this week I think than last week, but that was not the reason I didn't make it...... I got 2 votes, there were 24 contestants and only 20 were going to the next round. Three people had 1 vote, and I was next...... I'm a little disappointed, and if I'm honest, I probably wouldn't have had the time to be a CT for the site anyway. But it was fun while it lasted, and I wish all that are still "in it" the very best of luck :-)

I'll keep creating for Diane, and catch up on the pages for Boo, and call it good. Maybe, God forbid, scrap some of the photo's I have and make that Life-Book I've been working on for going on 10 years now. LOL.  NAH! Something will come up and throw a rod into the mix somewhere....

But my main focus has to be to finetune my coding skills. No news yet, whether I'll be looking for work, or working for me, but I need to expand and keep up with what I know, so that will be my 35 to 40 hour workweek, until I know more. I will get on with it next week, when Mike's going back to work, so that will give me a couple of days to revisit my plan of attack.

Well, you're as up to date as life ever gets here! It's 10PM, I'm (barely) functioning on 3 hours of sleep, so I'm going to see if my head recognizes my pillow, and if I can get some zzzz's for a couple of hours. Tomorrow, we have racks to put together, closets to take apart and shit to shift, so........ I'll leave you to it. :-)

Don't forget to hug a loved one?


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