Friday, October 7, 2016

"You shall read the rules.......

before you post!" LOL.

Blondy here :-) I posted my entry for the Layout Artist contest, the way I had written up to do it... you know, post it here, that way etc.  and was very proud of myself but after a while I decided to read the rules, and discovered that the picture I used, and therefore most of the page, was not allowed........ So I spent the last 2 days to find a picture that would fit the layout, instead of having the picture and building the page around it, the way I usually do........ Now my pictures are spread out over 3 tera-drives and over a couple of folders, and even than, not in any particular order, so I'm very surprised I even made the deadline of finishing, and "all" I have to do now, is to get it posted everywhere it needs to go.......... again. LOL   You know, having the change the picture after you're happy with the page is a little bit like expecting enchiladas and getting hamburger-helper. It's still good, just not what you planned on..... This page is a little like that for me.

Voting will start in about 2 hours I think, so I hope you help me out :-)

Don't forget to hug a loved one, and enjoy Di giorno de Colombo :-)


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