Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Did you ever.....

Google for blog-trains?
I hadn't, until today! MAN O MAN did I NOT know what I got into LOL

I had on the calendar that on the 15th, a blog-train would start, but in  my foggy state of mind, never bothered to add where.... so, since google is pretty much my best friend, I did a search, figuring "how many can there be?

i should have smelled trouble when it came up with a possible list of extra searches, but no, I just HAD to hit enter.... 478 and 6 zero's!!!!

I quietly closed the search window and started going thru the blogs I look at on a regular bases....

I found the one I was looking for, (the one at bits and bobs) and while going thru it, and catching up, I found 3 more, so.... I'm, going to make my goal this week...Staying out of trouble, more or less LOL

Got some train travel to take care of but just in case I'm not coming up for air before Saturday.....

Have a great Christmas every one!!!

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